3 Reasons You Need a Social Media Specialist

Do I need a social media specialist ? That’s a questions faced by many small to medium sized businesses. Most of the time social media is handled as part of marketing or in case of small businesses by the owner. This is understandable to an extent because of tight budgets and relatively low understanding of social media benefits. Hopefully these 3 reasons will convince you to hire a specialized social media manager. [Read more…]

Squidoo Lens Locked ? Here’s What You Can Do to Fix It

If you’re reading this you’ve probably got the dreaded “Squidoo Lens Locked” email. If you’ve tried to edit the lens you might have noticed that there really isn’t any guideline, just a reference to the Squidoo policies and why you should abide them. At least HubPages gives you specifics on why you’re hub was unpublished. I guess Squidoo just can’t bother with those niceties. So what are your options? Well you have a few. [Read more…]

Cheap SEO Isn’t Always Bad. Here’s Why With Statistics

Cheap SEO has a bad name in the SEO industry. This is understandable because there are hundreds of SEO companies that are sending spam emails offering cheap SEO services and higher Google rankings. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad. The same SEO serviceĀ  provided in USA can be provided for a far lesser price in India. Why? because the cost of living is comparatively low.

Before going any further check out the SEO pricing around the world study done by Moz. It’s a very detailed guide looking at types of services provided, payment models, employee numbers and a whole lot more. But we’ll just focus on the price for this article. The most common price per hour was in $76-$200 range. Below chart show the percentage of companies that offered various prices in different regions.

[Read more…]

How to Manage Client Expectations During SEO Projects

If you’re doing SEO for a living you’ll know that vast majority of your clients think of it as a magic bullet to all their traffic problems. This is why managing client expectation is critical for the success of any SEO project. SEO industry as a whole have suffered because of hollow promises like guaranteed first page rankings. Below are few things I do to manage client expectations which you can easily include in your SEO projects. [Read more…]

How Disjointed Digital Marketing Is Hurting Your Business

Is you business outsourcing various parts of your digital marketing to various companies? If your SEO is handled by one company and social media marketing is handles by another company then this disjointed digital marketing effort can hurt your business. Why? Because search, web design and social are not separate entities anymore.

For example take a look at the search engine ranking factors report compiled by Moz, one of the leading authorities when it comes to digital marketing. If you look at the report you’ll see the correlation between social metrics and higher rankings. The following social factors had a strong correlation with higher rankings. [Read more…]