How to Find Twitter Followers by Location

With millions of users Twitter has become a marketing channel that simply cannot be ignored. However finding the correct set of followers is critical for Twitter marketing success. If you’re a location based business like a restaurant then finding local followers become critical. In this article I’ll talk about few things you can do to find Twitter followers by location.

Why I Stopped Caring About Squidoo and Why You Should Too

I first heard about Squidoo when doing the Thirty Day Challenge, a marketing course that teach you to make money online. It was recommended as a good source to get back links so I went there and started creating articles. And once I start spending time there I began to love the site. The interaction with others, getting purple stars, getting blessed by angels were all very exciting. But it all changed when they started banning lenses left and right without giving a proper reason.

I had an awesome lens about increasing Twitter followers which even ranked as the first result for the keyword “increase Twitter followers”. It was a well researched article covering most of the things you can do to increase followers. And all of a sudden is was unpublished mentioning that it has low quality links. [Read more...]

TyperSpace Review and Why I think It’s a Scam

Data entry is a niche populated with spam sites looking to make some quick cash with fake sites. However I think people are getting wiser and look for reviews of those service before paying cash for anything. So these data entry scam sites have also gotten smarter and always looking for new ways to exploit the system. I got quite a few mails inquiring about TyperSpace, a new site that has entered the data entry niche. In this TyperSpace review I’ll explain why I think it’s a scam and why you should avoid it. [Read more...]

You Want Rankings or You Want Paying Customers ?

I often get emails asking for SEO quotations. In general they fall into two types. The first type is people asking for SEO packages which are made famous by SEO companies. The second type are the ones who send a set of keywords asking for first page rankings. In this post I’m going to focus on the second type.

When someone sends me a keyword list 99% of the time they are highly competitive keywords. It usually takes few months to rank for competitive keywords and take an equal amount of effort to maintain those rankings. [Read more...]

Why You Should Let Experts Handle Your SEO

There are hundreds of website owners who have a negative image about SEO because of underhand tactics used by people claiming to be SEO companies. I manage quite a few blogs and everyday I get unsolicited mail asking whether I want SEO services. These mails keep coming because they work with some people. Some gullible website owner might order one of their SEO packages and that makes all that spam emails worth it. [Read more...]