PayPal send only solutions ( PayPal Alternatives )

In one of my previous posts I mentioned about how to receive money from PayPal send only accounts. Some of the things mentioned in that post are not that relevant now because of various changes in PayPal. However if you are residing in a country with PayPal send only accounts then there are few alternatives  you can use to receive payments for your online service. I have tried all these methods and they have worked perfectly for me. It is up to you to choose your preferred method although I will give you some hints, so you can identify the best method that suits you. I personally use these service and have received money to those accounts so I know they work. If you have any questions about the below method feel free to ask in the comments section and if you find this article helpful make sure to share it with your friends as well.

PayPal send only solution

PayPal send only solution

Use another online payment service

Although PayPal is the most popular and widely used online payment method, there are plenty of other services available to you as well. AlertPay and Moneybookers are the other alternative payment services I use, you can choose one depending on your country. In my opinion AlertPay is the widely recognized one and it is included as a receiving option in many popular freelance sites as well.

Like PayPal these services also have upgraded accounts which can be used to do a whole lot more activities. If you are starting to set up a online business in a PayPal send only country then this is about the only option you have as well.

Receive money to a friends account

If you have a friend in a country like US,UK where you can receive money from PayPal, then one of the easiest methods is to receive your payment to that account and let your friend send you money via check, direct deposit or any other payment service like AlertPay,Moneybookers etc. Be mindful of the costs for direct deposits because it is relatively high amount for international transactions.

Get the Money via direct deposit

If you are getting paid for a standalone service like creating a website, optimizing a website for search engines etc then you can consider getting money via  a direct deposit. As mentioned above there are some fixed charges so it might be not applicable to all payment. As a practice I only request money via direct deposits only if it exceeds 100$ and usually it cost me about 5-1o$ for various charges. Considering that PayPal charges you 5$ to debit money to your credit card I think this is a good bargain.

Receive money via a check

This is my preferred option for receiving money from Merchants like ClickBank, CJ. You can use this method for other online payments as well. This option is cost effective but time consuming. It takes about a week to receive the check and it takes even more time for the money to come to your bank account. On average it takes about 2-3 weeks for my Adsense and Clickbank checks to be visible in my bank account.

Amazon Gift Cards ( Quick PayPal send only solution )

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Amazon, but Amazon gift cards don’t expire. If you are looking to buy something online then getting your money as an Amazon gift card is a good option. One big advantage of this method is, it is almost instant payment received.

Below are some of the solutions and workarounds you can use if you are in a PayPal send only country.If you have another great idea feel free to share it in the comments section. If you find this article useful share it with you friends as well.


  1. praba says

    i have friend in UK, so explain to me, Receive money to a friends account prosess.

    if he does not have credit card can he open an account for the paypal receiving money.?

  2. Shashislp says

    Do any of you guys know, why Sri Lanka is a send only country? Is it because of the Sri Lankan government policies or because of paypal’s decision. Don’t you think we should get together and do something about it?

  3. Frank Weerasinghe says

    Hi Machan. Umbe blog1 nam niyamai. Godak useful info. thiyenawa. Mata machan podi hlp 1k denna puluwanda. Mata clickbank1n check 1k enna langai. Man kohomada 1 deposit karanne? Savings acc1kata puluwanda? Ikmanatama cash ganna puluwan bank 1 mokakda? Tnx mchn. Gd lk.

  4. Frank Weerasinge says

    Hey Nishada…! Thank you very much for answering my question! Yes, Now I’m planning to open a savings account on sampath bank. I can’t wait for money! It’s like a suprise for me since it’s the very first cheque i’m getting in my life. I’m a A/L student from Piliyandala. So, I’m really happy about my money. I’m also like to know you personally. If you can, please send me your mobile phone number to my email. However thanks for maintaining such a useful blog like this. Wish you all the best.

  5. nuwan says

    friends,how to earn money throug click bank.and is it possible to open a forign exchange bank account in a forign country and withdorw paypal money to that account and transfer money to sri lanka.friends pls tell me is it possible.?

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