Generating Ideas and How to Follow Up On Your Ideas

If you have being blogging for a while, you must have heard about “writers block”, it is a situation where you are stuck for new ideas, you are desperate to write a new post but you just can’t come up with an interesting topic for a post, and there are situations where people have just stopped blogging because they can’t come up with new ideas. Most people have trouble generating ideas and so you need all the help you can get to generate new ideas and efficiently use those ideas. I have being writing for Squidoo for a while, and when browsing some of the lenses created by fellow lens masters I found this great lens about creating ideas. Its a long article covering things like creating ideas and how to best use them. But there are two points which I personally found very helpful in my online work and life in general. Those two are

  • Ideas don’t have to be big
  • You must immediately write down your ideas

Although two separate points those are somewhat related, because some ideas are not big you tent to ignore and forget them in a while, but if you have written them down then you always have a record of those ideas. Below isĀ  a quote from that article which I found very inspiring

People often think that to have useful ideas they must think of something extraordinary or revolutionary but in fact ideas can be small and simple, a quicker way to work, a way to organize your paperwork, a way to get your work done more efficiently, an attention grabbing title for your new essay or blog posting, a simple gift that would provide pleasure for a friend or relation, a surprise for a colleague, an exciting vacation, a new recipe, a way of using some ingredients that might go stale soon.

Please check out the article about creating ideas and I highly advise you bookmark it, so you can always refer it back when you are stuck for ideas.

Tools to write and follow up on your ideas

After realizing the importance of ideas why it is important to follow up on them I quickly looked for tools to implement the suggestion. If you are not a software engineer like me, who spends most of his day in front of the computer, then these tools might not suit you perfectly, but I’m sure you can generate few ideas to match your needs. First of all I needed some tool to write down my ideas. Since I have my Firefox browser opened all the time QuickFox Notes ( Firefox Add-On) was the best solution for me. You can open it with a single click on your browser and below is an image from my QuickFox Notes

QuickFox Notes

Not that I have a way of quickly adding notes, now I needed a tool so I can access them from almost anywhere. Installing QuickFox helped in this regard as well,since QuickFox notes are saved as Firefox bookmarks all I needed to do was synchronize those bookmarks across computes. You can do this easily using Firefox Sync, which is another Firefox add-on. Now I can write down my ideas quickly and access them whenever I’m browsing, and I have found this very useful when it comes to producing blog posts and Squidoo lenses.

For people who are not in front a browser most of the day the most obvious choice is the mobile phone, there are plenty of advanced mobile phones these days and I’m sure they have the facility to store notes. If you are storing ideas in some other form I would love to hear about the tools and methods in the comment section, so feel free to share your ideas.


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