SEO in Sri Lanka and How Sri Lankan Businesses Can Benefit

In one of my past presentation at Refresh Colombo I talked a bit about SEO in Sri Lanka, but only a few really understood the concept. The search engine industry is growing in Sri Lanka but it still very few businesses are using it effectively to increase their sales. Most of the SEO companies are working with foreign companies who want to outsource SEO to Sri Lanka or global businesses that have a footprint here in Sri Lanka.

The number of people using the Internet to search for products and services in Sri Lanka are rising everyday. So if you manage to rank well for your desired keywords you can beat your competitors easily. Depending on your market the increase in sales can be up to thousands of Rupees. So SEO is definitely something you should consider in your marketing plan.

A stat explaining why SEO is important: 93% online experiences start with a search engine

This simple stat tells you why SEO is important for your business

Although SEO is Sri Lanka is a growing industry you should be very careful when hiring someone to optimize your site for search engines. Because it is not only about ranking well in search engines. It involved analyzing your traffic, creating targeted content relevant to your market, improving the usability and bounce rate of your site and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately there are many web design companies/web designers who offer SEO services that only focus on rankings. Most of them add some meta description tags, add keywords in the title and hope for the best. This might work for keywords with low competition, but for competitive keywords that bring sales this simply won’t work.

What Businesses Can Benefit from SEO in Sri Lanka

Almost any business can benefit from some basic SEO, but for competitive keywords you need to go beyond the basics and conduct a full SEO campaign. Whether or not to conduct a SEO campaign is dependent on many factors. Your business type, your target market, your audience and many other factors determine the effectiveness of SEO for your business.

In Sri Lanka where SEO is ignored by many companies, even ranking for a low competitive keyword can mean sales in millions. For example I know a company that landed a deal worth millions of rupees simply because they ranked for the search term “investment partner in Sri Lanka”. And I know for a fact that it’s not a competitive keyword.

This fact shows how companies can benefit from doing SEO in Sri Lanka

Ranking Can Mean Millions in Business

Here’s another example from someone who’s in the overseas studying niche. If you ever tried to go abroad for studying you’ll know that it’s an expensive process. Because it’s a lucrative business with high profits many companies are involved in it. And most of them go down the traditional path of giving leaflets to A/L students. But thousands more students search online for these opportunities and very few companies take advantage of that. Study overseas from Sri Lanka, study abroad from Sri Lanka are few keywords that are ripe for the pickings.

A good SEO will not only help you to go up in search engine rankings but will help you find profitable keywords as well. If you don’t have huge amounts to spend on SEO you can start by going after long tail keywords with some minimal SEO. And from the revenue generate from that traffic go for a sustained SEO effort. It’s important to remember that SEO isn’t something you can do once and forget about for a while.

If you’re uncertain about whether you can benefit from SEO get in touch or consult a good SEO freelancer/company. High percentage of Internet users in Sri Lanka belong to the young adults category so in general if you have a product that cater to this market then you are more likely to benefit from SEO services.

SEO is a long term investment where you can benefit from rankings for years to come. Since I rank well for search terms like “SEO Sri Lanka”, “SEO Company Sri Lanka” I get numerous requests to optimize websites. But in most cases they want to see quick returns and many are unwilling to invest for more than two three months. Financial difficulty is one reason for showing reluctance but mostly its a matter of them not understanding the process.

Remember that few Sri Lankan companies are really utilizing SEO up to now so if you get in early you can dominate search results for years to come.

SEO Sri Lanka

SEO Sri Lanka

Make Sure to Hire a Professional for SEO

When consulting I come across numerous clients who’ve got burned by their previous SEO providers. This is the reason why I do an link audit for any client that has done SEO before coming to me. Bad SEO will not only get you poor results but it can harm your sites rankings permanently and in the worst case get your site completely removed from search engines.

Search engine optimization is a constantly evolving area with new changes happening to ranking algorithms frequently. Methods used two years ago will not work now so it is important to hire a professional that’s in touch with the latest trends. Hence your web designer might not the best choice.

Although building back links is still important there are many other factors that contribute to search engine rankings. In fact getting traffic only from search engines can be a bad thing because that means people are not recommending your website and not sharing your website in their social networks. This is why it is important to hire someone who knows about all aspects of SEO like link building, on-site optimization, conversion optimization and local SEO.

Choosing SEO Company in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a SEO company in Sri Lanka be sure to check out if there website meets the required standards. Do they rank in search engine for keywords like “SEO Sri Lanka”, if they cant rank for those keywords how can you expect them to rank your website. SEO in Sri Lanka is done mostly by web design companies and most of the time they will submit your website to few directories and that’s about all the optimization you will get. Don’t go for the cheaper options, but go for the best option available to you. There are some good SEO agencies in Sri Lanka that mostly cater for international clients, so for small business hiring them could be beyond there budget. Another good options is hiring SEO freelancers who are more within small company budgets.



  1. says

    I’ve been following SEO for sometime now and from what I’ve seen is business are not adapting as fast as they should be. I guess they don’t understand the true potential of ranking high for important keywords.

    Designers only do the minimum requirement form what I have seen, however I have seen a few designers make some Gretal changes in their themes for SEO.

    I guess at the end of the day you really have to have some knowledge in what your buying and paying for.

    • says

      You are 100% correct. This is especially bad in Sri Lanka where most businesses hardly understanding the value of SEO. The ones who have heard about it only have a vague idea about it and hardly bothered to try it out.

  2. Ashique says

    True but if you see most of the web design companies in sri lanka who regard themselves as SEO specialist have no knowledge in the Onpage structure. Certain websites have no text at all but only images or fully designed with flash but they are not aware of the key and the basic onpage knowledge which plays a vital role in the search engine ranking. SEO in Sri lanka will need some to grow.


  3. jj says

    Nishadha, First time here at your blog, and I’m thinking that I’ve been missing out on great info from your posts. SEO is the key to good standing in Google ranking, something I had at one time however I’ve lost it for my blog. You have some great info here, and have enjoyed reading some of your past posts. Will certainly return. Thanks jj

  4. Sietse says

    Nice read, thanks!

    So why is it that website-owners in Sri Lanka know less about SEO than anyone else? It’s not like they’re much behind using the internet or anything, right?

    Sounds like a good business opportunity to set up a webdesign office there.. :)

  5. SEO Srilanka says

    I have to agree with Nishadha at this point. Its not about the usage of Internet in sri lanka. Most of web site owners havent even heard of the word SEO.
    With the rise of Internet Business we can look forward to good future in SEO industry even in Sri Lanka.

    Do the SEO right way always .
    regards, Osanda Cooray.

  6. says

    I still get contacted by content scraping sites asking if I want to import my RSS feed and get more ‘exposure’. They are still not realizing the Panda update and the negative effect it has on SEO for duplicated content.

    • says

      Well content syndication is a good thing as long as you know what you are doing. Showing a small paragraph and linking back to the original article is very advantageous.

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