Revenue Sharing Websites and How to Earn More with Those Sites

Revenue sharing websites are websites that share a percentage of their earning with their users. It could be an article writing website, photo uploading website, video creating website or simply a social network where they pay users for certain actions. In this article I will focus on revenue sharing websites that pay you for writing content. These types of sites are a good alternative for people who are passionate about writing but don’t want to bother with things like web hosting and website management. Below I have listed down some of the top revenue sharing websites that I personally use and the future of these sites after Google panda update.

Top Revenue Sharing Websites

Mentioned below are some of the top sites in this category. These are established sites that have been around for a while and carry some authority with Google. I personally use these sites and make money from them.


InfoBarrel - The Best Revenue Sharing Website

InfoBarrel users earn up to 90% of the advertising revenue, making it one of the most lucrative revenue sharing websites in the world. InfoBarrel doesn’t have the fancy modules of Squidoo or HubPages, but the basic module are more then enough to create a great looking article. The main revenue source is Adsense but you can earn through Chithika and Amazon as well. Your initial articles must be approved by admins, but you are free to publish after you become a trusted author. If you keep on submitting quality articles you wouldn’t have any trouble getting approved. Provides Google Analytic integration as well. Join InfoBarrels and start making money now.


HubPages - Another great revenue sharing website

HubPages is an article writing website which share 60% of the revenue with their users. If you managed to refer someone you will get 10% of their earnings as well. HubPages has a rich interface to write articles and makes it very easy to add images, videos, Amazon advertisements etc. using widgets. The main revenue source is Adsense but they have their own advertisement program as well. A good place to start if you want to make money online.  Join HubPages and start earning money.


Squidoo - Revenue sharing website with a complex algorithm

Another popular revenue sharing websites, but the revenue sharing modal is different in this service. Every article you create is called a lens and they are ranked based on different factors like traffic, back links etc. The first 2000 lenses get a higher percentage of the ad revenue, from 2000-8500 get a lesser percentage and the ones from8500-85000 gets even lesser revenue percentage. The revenue model is bit skewed towards the top lenses so you need to put some effort to make money with Squidoo. Because you don’t need an Adsense account to make money with them this is perfect for people without Adsense accounts. Join Squidoo and start earning Money.

How to Make Money with Revenue Sharing Websites

Any revenue sharing website has some social element attached to it. Although you can gradually reduce the involvement it is very important in the beginning. In some revenue sharing websites like Squidoo it is a critical part of the algorithm. This is one reason I like InfoBarrel over others, the social involvement is minimal with them.

As with any websites keyword research is very important if you want to earn with revenue sharing websites. Because of the excellent internal linking structure of these websites you can rank well for long tail keywords with low competition. All of these websites has articles covering how to earn with them. Make sure to read them and understand how the payment structure works, how the advertisement placement work etc.

You need to add a fair number of article before you start seeing results. Focusing on many revenue sharing websites at one instance is not a good idea. Try to build a good profile in one websites and then move to another site. Even if they don’t make you money they are still a good source of back links, so joining a few of them is a smart long term investment.

If you have any doubts or questions about any of the revenue sharing websites mentioned above feel free to ask in the comments section. If not join all of them and start making money now ! .


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