SLIIT Research Symposium

Year 2007 was a great year for SLIIT as a whole. Project Groups from SLIIT performed exceptionally well in the recently held National Best Quality Software Awards and in the Techno 2007. In NBQSA three projects from SLIIT came to the final six and SLIIT won the gold and the silver awards in tertiary student category. Furthermore the gold medal winning project which represented Sri Lanka in APICTA won the gold medal there as well. In Techno 2007 a third year project won the gold award and they were representing the Data Communication Stream so it was a good all round performance.

Most of these projects were on display at the SLIIT Research Symposium 2007 which was held on 13, December at SLIIT Malabe. Other than the projects there were some stalls from recognized IT companies where students had a chance to submit their CV’s. There were some great projects on display and the stalls by the IT companies provided a great opportunity for students to submit their CV’s , but the crowd turn up was pretty poor. This could be because of lack of awareness about the event , even among SLIIT students. If you want students to attend something , its not a great idea to held it in the holiday period of SLIIT. If this event was held on lets say around January not only more people will attend , but it will also be a great opportunity for first year students to have a feel of IT. Some photos of the event are posted below.


Sukitha , team leader of the Tripwire project presenting the research paper.


Hosney realizing its not a path but a river in the GPS tracking system.


Patient monitoring system


Another cool project by the networking guys.


  1. Ranidhu says

    This blog is totally biased towards SLIIT , Imagine cup runners up thing isn’t even mentioned , which they won by copying and cheating.

  2. Supul says

    These days the SL IT news is dominated by SLIIT. Its a great achievement to the whole of SL. It is still pathetic to see people trying to discredit the achievement of these people. SLIIT project have won prizes not only in SL but also in Asia Pacific region. It is no small feat by any means.

    People who are trying to discredit those achievements are just showing their jealous and intolerence towards others success. If my memory is correct Ranidhu came up with lame comments when the SLIIT won the NBQSA awards as well. It only shows the pathetic mentality of some the people who are in the institution Ranidhu represents.

    Well done SLIIT!!

  3. Garuka says

    Accept the fact these guys out perform all other IT undergraduates in the country and stop being a pathetic fckin sob.

  4. Gayan says

    Why bother about a post of a person who’s mentally upset! Everyone knows the truth. That’s it! SLIIT won NBQSA and APICTA gold awards. The leader of the group who won the Imagine Cup from Mora is one of my best friends. He really appriciated the talents of the group from SLIIT who came to 2nd place. But unfortunately some people are trying to make a battle between the universities. Think this also is one of those undomesticated guys…

  5. Rakhitha Karunarathne says

    I have read those pages a long time ago.
    There is nothing much I have to explain for those don’t know much about software reuse.

    By the way judges gave it 2nd place in imagine cup. I am sure they had a damn good reason for that. Because I have worked in several software projects and I have taken them to competitions so I know that judges do extensive research on the products that they judge based on my personal experience.

    So if you think that you are smarter than those judges, and software reuse is copying, and if you feel bad about SLIIT getting 2nd place at imagine cup, all I have to say is go somewhere else and cry.

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