1. Ramcel says

    I am not a fan of this type of softwares simply because they are ruining the word “social” in social media. This is the main reason why Google+ is not allowing 3rd party integrations to bring back the real essence of social media.

    This goes without saying that Google is setting things straight and this algo will soon be followed by others.

    • says

      Ramcel, I think it depends on how you use the software as well. If you are a business then these software will help you find targeted followers quickly and let the business focus on the marketing aspect. I think these software gets a bad name because affiliate marketers use these to find followers and spam them with affiliate links. Like any automated tool how you use them matters.

      • says

        Nishadha, that is the thing. Being social is totally different from marketing. These marketers turns to use social media because their marketing means were burned, exhausted and people don’t buy it anymore.

        Don’t get me wrong, I do follow what you are trying to say that it depends on how you use it. But it is a fact that this type of software has been built for the sole purpose of marketing and not socializing. It’s written all over their bulleted features.

        Tell me, how can you socialize to 1000 people you automatically follow? Then automatically unfollow them when they don’t follow you back? There is definitely nothing social in that. But that is how this software is built. That is what it does. Social or marketing? That is the question.

        Just stirring conversation here. :)

  2. says

    Ramcel, not all Marketers don’t use it after they are burned ;), as I have mentioned its how you use it. I don’t use them in my personal account since I only follow few people relevant to me, But I do manage some accounts for companies and I mostly use this for those accounts. For example if you take a restaurant, using these software you can target according to region, food related keywords etc. Lets say some one tweeted with word “burger” in there tweet, it is likely that he is someone who usually eats out. When I follow him he check my profile, profile has the link to the website and you might get a potential customer. I agree that it is not socializing, maybe social marketing ? :)

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