Internet Marketing Specialist, Try Explaining that to People

Last Monday I started working for Cinergix as an Internet marketing specialist. In a country like Sri Lanka where it is hard enough explaining what a software engineer does, it is very tricky to explain Internet marketing specialist designation. The first question is usually about the company and what they do. I explain they create online diagramming tools. Many have no idea what that means, and some get it after mentioning that it is similar to Microsoft Visio. The next question is what I do in the company. I mention search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging etc and they mostly get a blank look in there faces. Very few even bother to ask and clarify what the words mean. In a country like Sri Lanka where the Internet penetration levels are just above 10%, its no wonder most people have trouble understanding these terms. Everyone is more interested in the salary level more than the job description. Sri Lanka is quickly becoming a great outsourcing destination, and with predictions of an Internet boom in Sri Lanka, now is a good time to join the Internet marketing field.

Internet Marketing Specialist Salary

Internet marketing specialist can be involved in many different things. From SEO, social media marketing, running Facebook campaigns to PPC. If you are knowledgeable about all these things then you can demand a great salary. Even if you are knowledgeable about some of these things you can except a competitive salary far above the average income of a Sri Lankan. Because there are very few courses or workshops about the subject in Sri Lanka, it is basically self thought and you need to have a passion for the subject. The lack of personal is another reason why you can except a good salary.

Internet Marketing Specialist Job Includes

Few Areas Covered by Internet Marketing Specialist ( image credit -

Internet Marketing Specialist Job Description

The job description of an Internet marketing specialist can vary and include the whole spectrum of the subjects like search engine optimization, social media marketing, conversion optimization, running PPC campaigns to blogging. However what you will do mostly depends on the company your joining. If its a small company with no special team for Internet marketing you will probably be involved in everything. If you are joining a marketing agency then at the beginning you are more likely to take part if few of the activities mentioned above.

What the future holds

Internet penetration levels around the whole world are rising and it is expected to reach around 20% in Sri Lanka by 2014. There is already a demand for people who know how to utilize social media to promote businesses etc. Many marketing agencies are opening offices in Sri Lanka to outsource services like search engine optimization and email marketing, so in the future there will be a big demand for people who are comfortable in these areas. So now is a good time to do some research and make yourself knowledgeable about the subject.


  1. says

    Whenever I encounter the word internet marketing specialist, I normally think of it as someone who promotes websites via social media marketing and other SEO techniques. With your post, I really had no idea that it was much more than that. Glad to know more about it now and thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    I’m wondering if you are an just another so called expert.

    Anyway I like to discuss with you a little bit more about SEO stuff.

    Hope it would help to increase our sites traffic and earnings.

  3. Pubudu says

    This is common issue to most of people who is doing IM.I used to tell them I’m marketing stuff through FB and Google working with offshore companies in marketing.You have to explain A-Z to people.Anyway im planing to work for a IM company but still i couldn’t find any.

  4. says

    If you are looking for something in Sri Lanka, eMarketingEye , Ogilvy comes to mind. But there are quite a few companies now offering various Internet marketing services, so shouldn’t be that hard to fine one.

    • Pubudu says

      Thanks Nishada I applied for one of their job posting today.Hope they will select me as there ain’t many people doing IM here.

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