Make Money Recruiting Affiliates ( Two Tier Affiliate Marketing )

There are hundreds of products created everyday and competition is rising in almost every niche. Because of this reason companies are aggressively looking for new affiliates to promote and sell there products. This offers a nice way to make money recruiting affiliates. To be successful and profitable with this you need to find affiliate programs that has a second tier commission systems. You will be making money as a normal affiliate but you also have the option of recruiting other affiliates and earning a percentage of there commissions. This secondary commission varies depending on your affiliate program. In this article I will list down few affiliate programs that offer great second tier commissions and I will also mention things to look for in a two tier affiliate program.

Another important things to remember is that two tier affiliate program is not something similar to Multiple Level Marketing or Pyramid schemes as they are popularly known. You don’t have to build a down line to make money. If you don’t recruit anyone at all you can still make money promoting the program. If you manage to recruit affiliates then you will earn a nice passive extra income.

Make Money Recruiting affiliates

Make Money Recruiting affiliates

Programs to Make Money Recruiting Affiliates

Listed below are some programs that pay you to refer affiliates. Most Paid to Click(PTC) and Paid to Read sites make money by having lots of members so naturally they give an incentive to recruit affiliates. I will list down some of them but first I will list down some top paying affiliate programs that pays dollars, not cents per recruitment.

eToro Affiliate Program – eToro FOREX trading platform and they pay you 20% of what your recruited affiliates earn for life, Since FOREX affiliate commissions are very high this could lead to an significant amount of recurring money. Join eToro Affiliate program for free.

TweetAdder Affiliate Program – TweetAdder is the most sought after Twitter Marketing Solution so it is relatively easy to sell compared to most other Twitter products. The commission varies depending on the product the user bought, but you will receive 10% from the commissions affiliates you recruited made. Join TweetAdder affiliate program.

There are many more affiliate programs that offer second tier commissions but these are the ones I had most success with. Make sure to find a program that has relatively high level of commission to be successful with this method.

As with most things in affiliate marketing it is a numbers game. It is possible to make money recruiting affiliates, but since you are getting a percentage of there affiliate income, to earn a considerable amount you need to recruit many affiliates. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.


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