How to Write an Email Asking for Help and Get a Reply

I rank for few keywords related to various online things related to Sri Lanka. So everyday I get few mails inquiring about various things. I don’t respond to most of the for various reasons. Since the number of emails are growing I decided to write this post to discuss why I will never reply to some of your mails and also to show how to write an email asking for help. Although this is mostly based on emails I receive, you can apply these things whenever you are mailing someone. Some of these things are so basic, it is very easy to rectify them. And following these steps will significantly increase your chances of getting a response from me.

Emails that I just press delete

help me get online job

I want to learn making money online

Help me get more Twitter followers

Above two are some of the mails I get through my contact form. There is no greeting, doesn’t ask a specific question, don’t have a name so I don’t know who I’m dealing with. I have a very detailed contact form to filter out these sort of messages, but they still get through. If you can’t follow some simple question in a contact form you will never be earning anything online.

Emails I reply with just a link

Hi, How to get online data entry jobs ? – Name

Hello,Can you please teach me how to make money online – Name

These are bit better than the previous ones, but still they are not asking a specific question. I can’t individually mail everyone the whole process of finding data entry jobs. Similarly I can’t teach someone how to make money online from one simple mail reply. I have links to few of my blog posts stored as a note, and with most of these types of mails I just reply with the link.

Emails I take Note

Hi Nishadha, I read your article about PayPal in Sri Lanka. What country would you recommend to set up a PayPal account to receive money ? – Name

This one has my name on it and I know the visitor has read the article and not someone who is too lazy to read something. Also the question is specific so  I can give a definite answer. I respond to these and usually give some explanation on why I recommend that as well.

Emails that Brings a Smile to My Face

Hello Nishadha, I read your article about freelance work in Sri Lanka. I joined the site and set up the profile as you have mentioned. However I’m a bit confused about setting milestones in a project. Can you please help. — Thank You, Name

Hi Nishadha, I checked your article about FOREX trading. I set up the practice account and gone through the tutorial site you have mentioned. Do you have any preferred currency pair to trade so I can get some more tips ? — Thanks, Name

These are the kind of email that make me feel good about writing this blog. Someone has read my article and acted upon it. These are action takers and totally worth my time to help out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m writing this blog to make money online. But I am more than willing to help anyone that is willing to take action. Not only do I reply to these mails I make sure to send some additional resources help out more.

How to Write an Email Asking for Help

I hope the examples above help you get an understand on how to write an email. Below are some of the key points you should remember

  • Add a Greeting – A simple Hello makes your look courteous and significantly improve our chances of getting a reply
  • Address by Name – This makes it more personal and shows the reader you spend some time to find out the author
  • Mention an Article or Post – Show that you have actually read something before asking the question
  • Get to the Point – People are busy, and if you write a long email without getting to the point you are less likely to get a reply
  • Be Specific – A specific question is more likely to get an answer instead of something general like “How to make money blogging”

If you have sent me an email and never got a response it is most probably because one of the reasons above. If not do send me an email again, because I just might have missed your mail. Hope these tips will help you to write better concise emails in the future.


  1. says

    Good Article again, Nishada.
    I am not expecting a reply nor do I have a question but just wanted to thank you for this lesson in basic letter writing which is what it is.
    Read original content, address the recipient by name and ask specific questions hopefully on things not clarified in original content.
    I would like to add this for online questions. Don’t ask question that have already been asked and answered….
    Please keep writing

    • says

      You have a valid point mark, answers to some of the questions can be easily found doing some quick Google search, maybe I should add that to the list as well.

  2. says

    I agree, many of the emails we receive does not go to the point also most of the time it does not convey targeted outcome.
    It is really important to convey concise outcome, without it can’t be replied.

    • says

      Yes Sanjeev, it’s really important to get to the point quickly and ask a specific question, It’s simply impossible to reply to general questions in an email.

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