Make Money Online in 2012 Areas to Focus and Things to Avoid

After a hugely successful 2011 it’s time to look back and see what worked and how to use that knowledge to make money online in 2012. 2011 was good for me in many ways. I got a new job as an Internet marketing specialist at Cinergix, so now I can focus my attention on things related to Internet marketing the whole time. I got to learn about some new tools in the new job and the contacts made through the new job are priceless. My online earnings are on the rise and they are rising at a consistent rate, a big improvement from 2010 when it was always up and down. 2012 looks to be a promising year with lots of opportunities. Below are few things that I think will be very important to make money online.

Social Media Marketing

There were numerous studies done on this area and they all have come up with the same conclusion. People are using their social networks before buying anything. They rely on their friends recommendations more than what they find in search engines. People are starting to realize that search engines can be games, so they turn to their friends. Not everyone is active on social media so search engine optimization is still important, but a good social network is also important. This is very important if you’re in the make money online niche. Top companies have already identified this and using paid tools to monitor keywords and brand mentions in social networks. Now is a good time to learn more about Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing.

Make Money Online 2012

Make Money Online in 2012

Quality Super Sites are the Future

Highly targeted niche websites still work but not as effective as before. Most probably they will go further down in 2012. Quality sites with lots of useful content will get authority and easily outrank niche websites. It takes time to build authority but very beneficial in the long run. Spend time writing lengthy but quality articles and make sure to make them readable without spamming keywords. Google is putting lot of emphasis on authority and freshness, so it will be hard for part time blogger for rank for competitive niches, so be picky about the niches you are targeting.

Competitive Niches Are Not Out of Reach

Google has really started to crack down on poor quality sites and people who were targeting long tail keywords with poor quality sites got a hit. Revenue sharing sites like HubPages, Squidoo removed thousands of articles related to FOREX, insurance, health etc. This has left a gap that can be filled by smart marketers. Instead of using scrapped content you can create useful and informative articles around those long tail keywords and profit from them. If you are relying on search traffic to make money online creating quality content is a must.

Big Demand for Internet Service Providers

Thousands of people are creating blogs everyday looking to make money online and this has created a huge demand for Internet services related to digital marketing. Search engine optimization, conversion optimization, web designing, email marketing are some of the Internet services that will have a huge demand in 2012. If you are looking to make money online by only creating websites you are dependent heavily on Google for traffic and that is a risk. Branch out to providing services and build a client base for your services. Multiple revenue streams are a must for successful online businesses.

Make Money Online Basics Will Never Change

Although the trends and the techniques will change there are some constants when it comes to makingĀ  money online. This is not a get rich quick scheme and you need to work hard and smart. keyword research , SEO , producing quality content etc. are still important and you need to be able to get over your failures and learn from them. And remember the most important rule of them all, TAKE ACTION.

Wish you all a happy and a prosperous new year.

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