What Does it Take to Make Money Online

I make thousands of dollars per month, but it wasn’t always like that. It took me years to reach this point. There are so many things I wish I could have done differently, but all those mistakes helps me make the right decisions now. Because I rank for quite a few keywords related to making money online I get mails everyday asking me to teach them how to make money online. But how can I give years worth of experience and knowledge in few emails or Facebook messages? It’s just not possible.

If you are serious about making money online there is one skill you need to master more than anything else and that is keyword research. If you can identify profitable but not very competitive keywords you are well on your way to make money online. There are ways to systematically find the most suitable ones but only with experience will you learn to nail the really profitable ones.

If you’re really serious about making money online and struggling to do that with your current setup I highly recommend you try the keyword academy course. There video tutorials explain in detail how to build an online income from scratch. If you already have a blog and struggling to make money then their first two videos alone will show the correct path.

There are really crappy looking Blogger websites that I have set up years ago that still makes me a few dollars each month. It’s just a matter of finding the right keywords and don’t ever underestimated the power of that. Exact match domain updates, Google panda updates and all that affect crappy websites, now well researched keyword rich websites.

Can I Make Money Online ?

As I said I get many emails per day, but not everyone one sending mails is really ready to make money online. I’m not saying this to discourage anyone but there are some realities involved in making money online.

If you have poor English skills then it will be a bit hard to make money online. There are exceptions, but those are rare. If you have a high traffic website in your own language then there are possibilities, but if you’re starting from scratch then chances are you don’t have such a site.

Next you need dedication, hard work and persistence. In the beginning, until you get some decent traffic you’ll be making only a few dollars. And there will be times when you think is it worth the effort. If you’re in this for a quick buck then chances are you will fail.

Never ever give up if you want to make money online

When you’re about to give up, you could be so near your goal ( credit – Funny Blog)

If you want to make money online then you need to be prepared to spend online. You need to spend on web hosting, outsourcing and training. Because proper training can help you most of the early pitfalls. If you’re looking to do everything for free then the time to succeed will be usually longer.

If you think you have the above qualities then go ahead and start your online business. Did I mention that taking action is the next important thing you need to make money online ?


  1. Pubudu says

    I agree with Nishada. Keyword search and brainstorming is the most important part.There are untapped markets.All you have to do is brainstorm with different queries.
    But start with a field you are interested in.

  2. says


    Your “About” section is very impressive and I am sure a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs will be inspired reading your brief story.

    And you are right, taking action is the key element. One can work anyway, but there is no short cut to knowing what to do and then making it happen through hard work.


    • says

      Hi Kumar,
      Thanks for dropping by. If even one is interested it is more than enough. Regarding the link you left, it is linking to your Google feed. You might wont to fix it for the optimum link juice.

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