Add 100 Blog Posts !! My New Year Resolution

This blog used to be my baby. There were some months where I daily updated this blog. But lately I wasn’t paying much attention to this one. It’s not that I stopped writing, I usually manage at least one article per day across all my other blogs. The reality is targeted niche blogs bring better ROI in a short frame of time.

For example my birthstone jewelry blog makes a decent 50$ per month and sometimes even 100$ per month. It has around 8 article and in total it cost me less than 50$ per year to keep it running. And I haven’t built a link to it in a long long time.

Also I think I now have much more interesting stuff to share. Working for Creately in the last year was an amazing experience. Trying to rank for multiple keywords, structuring a site for multiple keywords, tweaking a website to increase conversions are some areas I explored a lot. And it’s always fun going against competitors and outdoing them in some instances.

So hopefully I can share those experiences and and create 100 blogs posts doing it. That’s roughly 8 posts per months or two posts per week. If I get around to finishing my draft posts that alone will help a lot in reaching this target.

Since my specialty is search engine optimization I hope to cover a lot in that area. With the constant tweaks made by Google I’m sure I will have plenty of things to write about. Also I’m hoping to cover some products I have used in the past that tremendously ease your digital marketing efforts. So the next post will be about knowledge graph and how you can use it to increase your search engine rankings and brand power.

But most of all I want to know what you guys want me to cover. So be sure to leave some comments telling me exactly what you want. Wish you all a happy and a prosperous new year !!


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    I’d like to know more about effective SEO in post-panda Google world. I read that you were a member at Courts Keyword Academy. I was a member there too but left it when I saw lot of members leaving it and now it seems what I learnt there is not much useful in PostPanda Google. What do you think?

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      Hi Aksam,
      I’m still a member of Keyword Academy mainly because of PostRunner. I don’t think the tactics are outdated, just that they need to be adjusted a little to make it relevant today.

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