Are You Wasting CommentLuv Links Because of FeedBurner

Did you know that that your hard built CommentLuv links are pointing to Google instead of your blog posts ? Well if you’re not careful with your Feedburner settings then that is exactly what can happen. The sad thing is that that some don’t even realize that they are pointing their hard earned links to Google. Keep reading to find our if you’r making this mistake and how to rectify it.

Are My CommentLuv Links Pointing to Google ?

The first step is to find out whether you have the problem and this can be done easily. Go to the last blog post you left a comment and move the mouse over the link and check the status bar.

If it’s showing your blog post link then you’re safe.

You're CommentLuv links might be pointing to Feedburner

Pointing to the blog post ? You’re safe

If it’s pointing to some Feedburner links you’re wasting you’re CommentLuv links.

Incorrect Feedburner settings can hurt your CommentLuv links

Pointing to Feedburner ? You’ve got serious problems

So how to fix this ? It’s just a matter of ticking a check box.

How to Fix This by Changing Feedburner Settings

Don’t worry, you don’t need any technical expertise to fix this. Log in to your Feedburner account. Go to “Analyze” tab. Click the “Configure Stats” link. Remove the tick in “Item link clicks“.

Change Feedburner settings to save CommentLuv links

Remove the tick to save your links

That’s it. Now every CommentLuv link you leave will be pointing to your blog instead of Feedburner. You won’t be able to rescue your old links but at least be happy that you saved your future links.

What Does “Item Link Clicks” Do ?

It adds tracking code to your Feedburner links and you can analyze traffic coming from various feed readers in Google analytic. If you think analyzing this traffic is more important than a good healthy back link then you should keep the check box ticked.

Got a question? Have a doubt? Drop a comment and I’ll answer as soon as possible.


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