Blog Improvement Carnival

Welcome to my second blog carnival , I was planning to do them once every two weeks but somehow this one got delayed , hoping to be more consistent next time around :) . Below listed are some of the great blog posts about blog improvement and money making ideas I found while browsing throught the blog sphere , I have found them very useful and I think you will find them useful as well. If you think you have a great post related to blog improvement or money making let me know through the contact form or through a comment.

How to Make Your Blog Load Faster

Slow loading time is a problem for many blogs , but there are things that you can do to make it faster , How to make your blog load faster by optimizing java scripts , CSS and images describes few of the things you can do to improve it with links to the relevant free tools.

Increase Ranking with Contextual Linking

Importance of contextual linking and how they are loved by search engines , Increase ranking with Contextual linking has a detailed post with examples for better understanding.

SezWho Good , Bad or Ugly ?

SezWho and Entrecard partnership created a lot of buzz and most people welcomed it ( at least I did :) ) , but not everyone is comfortable with the idea , while some have problems with installing it ( especially in blogspot blogs ) and Entrecard maniupulating there comments service of choice some are questioning the value of getting paid for comments even going to the extent of forming a league to defend free comments.Both are exellent posts with points to think about and be sure to check out the comments.

Sick of PayPal ?

PayPal is a great service in some countries but if you are from a country PayPal doesn’t support ( like Sri Lanka where I’m from :( ) you are left with very few choices , well thats what I thought until I read this great post , What are the alternatives for PayPal, other than that there are some more great posts and I highly recommend adding that blog to your RSS feed.


  1. says

    Eranda – I always share great posts with my readers , and sure I will participate in your blog carnival , I already has rockfuse in my RSS reader ;)

    Nadeesha – Your Welcome ,About the header I’m not good with graphics , got that done for 400EC and I love it too :).

    Jithendra – I checked with few blogger who use Blogspot and your customer support was never in doubt , In fact most of them praised your your prompt replies to there problems

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