How to Increase Twitter Followers Quickly and Efficiently

Looking to increase Twitter followers fast ? If you implement every method mentioned in this article I guarantee you will see a steady increase of Twitter followers. Keep in mind though that getting followers is only the start. It’s up to you to keep them by following great content and engaging with them.

Except for Twitter advertising I have personally used all the methods mentioned here and have found great success. So there is no reason why you should fail. Some of these methods yields results instantly, some take bit more time than the others. But all these methods are definitely quicker than increasing followers by following people manually and sharing great content. So lets get started.

Various methods to increase Twitter followers quickly

If you do all this you’re sure to see a rise in follower counts

Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising is a great way to increase Twitter followers fast. There are few reasons why this is an effective strategy. First of all you only pay if people follow you from your promoted account listing. And unlike Twitter directories and other viral scripts there is no incentive to follow you. So you’re getting people genuinely interested in you, your product or service.

Also you can target your users in multiple ways. You can target users based on country, device, gender, interests and more. You can also use this option to promote important tweets like product announcements, white paper releases etc. I urge you to read the case studies ( linked below ) to get a sense of how it’s done and to find out whether it’s a good match for you.

Check out the Twitter advertising blog to learn more about it and to explore some case studies. Or get started straightaway by visiting official Twitter advertising page.

Increase Twitter Followers Automatically Using Software

This is probably the easiest way to grow your Twitter followers. I use this for most of my clients. I’m only reluctant to use this method if the client is a global brand targeting a generic set of users. Then it becomes too much of an overhead to filter out the relevant users.

This is really great for local businesses, business targeting niche markets, Internet marketers and small businesses. I use TweetAdder for this because it’s probably the only software that complies or at least try to comply with Twitter TOS. They’ve been in business for more than 5 years so they must be doing something right. Check out my Tweet Adder 4 review for a detailed breakdown of various functions.

Some of it’s main capabilities include

  • Automatically following users based on keywords ( perfect for niche businesses )
  • Finding users based on location ( awesome for local businesses )
  • Multiple Twitter account management ( ideal for marketers )
  • Twitter scheduling ( send messages at the correct time and no need to log on constantly )
  • Automated direct messages
  • Real Time stats of followers

There are so many other features that makes finding followers and managing your Twitter account a breeze. Try TweetAdder Now >>

Using Contests to Increase Twitter Followers

Another great way to increase followers is to held contests. Actually contests are great to increase almost anything. There are various contests you can run on Twitter. This article describes 6 Twitter contest ideas worth exploring.

Once you decide on what type of Twitter contest you’re running then you need to consider the following

  • Value of the prize – If you’re giving away something valuable then you will definitely get more people to join the contest. If you’re giving away something very valuable like an iPhone that alone will generate a lot of buzz for the contest
  • Relevance of the prize – The prize should be relevant to your niche. A general prize like an iPhone will attract irrelevant followers.

There are quite a few software to help you manage Twitter contests. I always recommend RaffleCopter to my clients. It’s very easy to manage and you can allow participants to acquire multiple entries by doing different actions. The free version is suffice for a small contest but the paid version allows many more options like

  • Upload price photos ( attractive visuals makes it much more enticing to participate )
  • Conduct Surveys ( to acquire information )
  • Gain Pinterest followers
  • Refer a friend option ( so the contest can go viral more easily )
  • Email list integration ( to build the list )

If you’re not interested in Pinterest followers and don’t want to build an email list then the free version might suffice. But the “refer a friend bonus” can help your contest to go viral over the Twitter universe. If you’re interested in increasing Twitter followers only you can make that action mandatory or give more entries for that action. The choice is yours. Check out Rafflecopter >>

Twitter options in Rafflecopter

If increasing Twitter followers is your objective you can make that mandatory

Twitter Directories

It’s a bit time consuming, but Twitter directories are another easy way to increase Twitter followers. You can add your Twitter handle for free in most Twitter directories. Benefits of Twitter directories include

  • Relevant and interested followers – They went through a directory which contain thousands of Twitter handles and decided to follow you. So obviously you sparked some interest in their minds.
  • Free Listing Forever – You’re listed as long as the website is there. So you can expect a decent amount of followers in the long run.
  • Ability to add categories/tags – Making it easier to find you and brings targeted Twitter users

Check out this CNET article which covers 14 Twitter directories with their pros and cons. It covers only 14, but there are plenty more, including niche specific directories.

If you want to increase the number of followers you get from these directories you can pay and get a featured position. Depending on the category it can range from 10$ to 150$.

Add the Twitter Follower Button in a Prominent Place

This seems obvious, but it’s amazing how many people forget/ignore to do this. Not only small business owners, but even global companies tend to ignore this thinking it’s not important. This wont increase Twitter followers fast, but will guarantee you a steady increase of followers overtime.

Most websites that are eager to increase Twitter followers/Facebook likes etc. feature their follower buttons in the sidebar or in the header. Take a look at how the social elements appear in Social Media Examiner, which know a thing or two about social media.

Social proof is important if you want to increase Twitter followers

Social Media Examiner highlights is social presence in the sidebar

Notice how they have clear call to actions ( Like, Follow ) and social proof ( follower counts, follower profile images ) to entice other to follow them on social channels.

For social media buttons in the header in take a look at Mashable, which has featured the buttons in an elegant way but without taking too much space.

Mashable social profiles highlighting Twitter follower counts and Facebook likes

Mashable Social profiles are featured in the header

It is important to remember your objective when adding social media buttons. If you’re objective is to capture email addresses and build you list then it’s better to highlight that rather that your social media buttons.

Add Twitter Share Buttons That Encourage Following

If you’re writing awesome articles then this is a great way to increase Twitter followers fast. There are many Twitter scripts that enables you to do this, but the official Twitter button probably does this the best. It allow you to add hash tags and many other things. Make sure to add your Twitter handle in recommend section.

Official Twitter share button allows you to increase Twitter followers

Buy Twitter Followers

Probably the easiest way to increase Twitter followers fast. This is not as targeted as getting followers via software, but very useful in the beginning when you want to build some momentum. In general 1000 Twitter followers will cost you around 20$ while you can get 100,000 Twitter followers for around 400$. If you want targeted followers from a specific region it will cost you more, with US followers been the most expensive. There are few things to look for when choosing these services

  • Price – At most 1000 followers should cost around 30$. If it’s more than it must be location of niche specific customers.
  • Screening – Some services allow you to pick from a screened list with some basic information available. Helps you to target and followers more to your liking.
  • No drop out guarantee – Guarantees that followers via the service stay as followers for at least an year.

I recommend this option only if you’re just getting started with Twitter or if you’re follower count is less than 1000. Even then you shouldn’t buy more than 1000 followers. Remember you’re not getting targeted followers. This is just to boost your credibility in the beginning.

More Methods To Get Twitter Followers Free

As you can see most of the methods mentioned here require some investment. But I’m frequently asked the question how do I get lots of followers on Twitter for free. Free been the keyword here. So I decided to include some of those methods into the list as well.

  1. Twitter lists that guarantee following back – There are Twitter lists of people who will definitely follow you if you followed them. There is hardly any value in these lists expect to get a boost in numbers. But in the beginning they can be useful to give you some credibility.
  2. Using sites like Twiend – This is similar to following lists but you at least have the choice to decide who you should follow. When you follow someone you receive a certain number of points and then you can use those points to get followers. You can speed up the process by offering points to follow you. It’s a fine balance but I have seen people master it.

Can I get Twitter followers fast and free? You can if you’re famous. Otherwise just forget it.

More Ideas to Increase Twitter Followers Fast ?

Wow, this article took more words than I imagined. I have used all these methods to increase Twitter followers for my various clients. Every client is different. Depending on the budget, time frame and objective the method I choose will differ. Have an extra tip that is not listed down here? Feel free to add it in the comments and I just might include it with a link to your website. Enjoy and may your Twitter followers grow to your hearts content.


  1. says

    while buying the followers is a fast technique to increase following in twitter, I personally do not recommend it.
    However, all the other methods mentioned are quite good.

    • says

      Hi Yogesh,
      I’m not saying you should do this all the time, but there are some situations that this will come in handy. As I mentioned this will come in handy when a business is just starting out on Twitter. You should never underestimate the power of social proof. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    • says

      Hi Adesanmi,
      Getting a loyal and an engaging Twitter following is the key. Hence the importance of search options. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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