Cheap SEO Isn’t Always Bad. Here’s Why With Statistics

Cheap SEO has a bad name in the SEO industry. This is understandable because there are hundreds of SEO companies that are sending spam emails offering cheap SEO services and higher Google rankings. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad. The same SEO serviceĀ  provided in USA can be provided for a far lesser price in India. Why? because the cost of living is comparatively low.

Before going any further check out the SEO pricing around the world study done by Moz. It’s a very detailed guide looking at types of services provided, payment models, employee numbers and a whole lot more. But we’ll just focus on the price for this article. The most common price per hour was in $76-$200 range. Below chart show the percentage of companies that offered various prices in different regions.

How SEO prices change according to region

How SEO price varies according to regions

As you can see by the chart majority of companies offer SEO service at $76-$200 except for the companies from India. Now if you just go by this chart you might be suspicious about the cheap SEO services provided by Indian companies. Few consider cost of living as a factor in their decision making. As I said before the same tasks done by a US or an Australian company can be done for far less by an Indian company. Below chart shows how SEO prices compares with cost of living of each region.

SEO prices compared with cost of livin

How SEO prices and cost of living compares by region

Indian companies can offer SEO services at far lower rates because the cost of living in India is 1/3 the cost of living in United States.

Will There be a Quality Difference in the Same Service ?

Another big argument against cheap SEO services is the quality of the service. This is understandable because we associate low cost with low quality. However it is important to keep in mind that many SEO tasks are repetitive and can be easily thought to someone.

A good example of this is blog commenting. This is still a very viable method to get back links and traffic to a site. And anyone who can read and write English can leave a meaningful comment. I’m not talking about “nice post”, “great article” kind of comments left by spammers. But meaningful comments that compliment an article.

A quote from Confucius about being frugal:He who will not economize will have to agonize

A quote from Confucius about being frugal

On site optimization is another task that can be handled relatively easily by anyone. Basic on site optimization like adding a good meta description, adding proper title tags, adding alt tags to images, increasing keyword density, fixing broken links are very easy. There are plenty of free tools to do this so almost anyone can do it.

Another somewhat controversial example is content writing. This is one area where most cheap SEO companies from non English speaking countries struggle with. Although most will put out a decent article that reads well they might struggle with differentiating between US and UK spelling, wrong usage of “they’re, there, their” etc. Although this might take longer this is also a skill that can be thought relatively easily. And if you’re using a text editor like MS Word then most of the work is already done for you.

How to Find Cheap SEO that Offer Quality Services

If you’re from US, UK, Canada, Australia or Europe and need cheap SEO then the first thing you need to look at is the possibility of outsourcing your SEO to an Asian country. I know for a fact that many SEO companies from those countries outsource some of their tasks to other companies in Asia. This gives them a competitive advantage when going against companies from their region.

When outsourcing something like SEO the first thing you need to do is ask for references. Preferably its a company from your own region but any reputable company will do. Good feedback from this is always a good sign.

Next step is to ask for some projects that they have worked on and got rankings for that company. If you don’t have any clue about SEO then this could be somewhat tricky because they might show you ranking they got for very low competitive keywords. If it’s a long phrase with 5 words then it’s hardly going to be competitive.

Then you can have a look at their methods and reporting process. You don’t need to an in depth study but taking a look at some samples won’t hurt. For example if they mention blog commenting as a method to get back links ask for some blog comments they have already done for other clients. Many companies from non English speaking countries struggle with article writing so be extra vigilant when checking them. Below flowchart visualizes the process.

Flowchart to find cheap SEO companies that offer quality

How to filter cheap SEO companies that offer quality

With so many companies sending spam email it’s understandable that people ignore the word cheap SEO as soon as they see it. But if you’re decent with outsourcing then you can definitely find good companies that offer quality services at very affordable prices.


  1. says

    Hello Nishada
    Great post and I truly agree to your point that cheap doesn’t mean bad. I also understand that since cost of living in India is low, Indian companies will only need to pay less salary to their employers. As a result they can do the same work for less money. Anyways since we are in this topic. I would like to ask about the quality of fiverr seo gigs. I have seen many people offering pr 5 and 6 guest posts for just 5 bucks. what do you think
    Anyways great share friend

    • says

      Hi Matts,
      I personally use Fiverr for some tasks but mainly for design tasks. I have tried some article writing gigs and the quality of the articles were poor. However if they are offering to publish your post on PR5 or PR6 blogs then I think that’s a great bargain and a good way to get some SEO boost. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  2. says

    Spammers are the bane of a blogger’s existence. Until Andy Bailey created the GrowMap anti-spambot plugin I would get 1000+ comments a day. The first day I installed it years ago that dropped to ~40 meaning 960 of those 1000 comments were left by bots.

    Every time the spammers find a way around the plugin we get flooded with spam AGAIN even though we have made it quite obvious that comments are no longer dofollow and keywords will be deleted. Recently the spam jumped to 700 comments. Fortunately, Andy once again found new ways to defeat bots and once again locked the bots out.

    Spamming blogs is stealing our time. Any “SEO” using bots to flood the internet with spam is a thief and not a very good SEO. I hope they read this and STOP ALREADY. You are ruining the reputations of the businesses who unwittingly pay you to do this.

    There can definitely be a quality difference because many SEOs in countries like India, Pakistan, and other countries where English is not their primary language have difficulty writing proper English. While I am forgiving and want to support small businesses, most bloggers are not and will delete their comments.

    Bloggers need to check the settings in GASP and CommentLuv Premium to make sure they are using all the methods. There are new ones just recently in CommentLuv Premium. I don’t know if they’ve been added to the standalone version of GASP yet or not.

  3. Mohamed Nishad says

    I am so glad that I arrived to your site today the very first time. I am reading your posts and it tells your experience is real and professional. If you can share, please can you take an article and explain how to do the basic on page SEO for some selected keywords.

    Thanks a lot

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