Twittad – Make Money with Twitter

If you are an twitter user with lots of followers Twittad might be just the thing for you to make some money from your twitter account. After signing up for the service advertisers can buy an ad slot in your twitter profile. Then the Twittad gives you a new template for your Twitter page which displays the advertisement. You can set the prize you want and giving a reasonable and a fair prize increases your chances of getting a bid ( in case that is not obvious ). Will this new service make you a heap of money ? If you have a lot of followers you might have a chance ,  some profiles are priced at 250$ for a week , although nobody had bought them yet ;) .

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about this service is how many people are actually visiting the profile to see there Tweets. I might not a twitter addict but I consider myself a active Twitter user , I check my Tweets everyday and reply to some but I never visit my profile to do that , I do it with Twhirl , Infact I don’t think I went to my Twitter page for a week or so. Check out any active Twitter page and you can see most of the active Tweeters does there tweeting through some software, It could be TwitterFeed , Twhril , HelloTxt or any other software but the point is hardly anyone do there updates via Web. So if you are an advertiser looking to advertise in a profile chances of someone seeing your ad is pretty slim.

Signing up for the service is very easy and since I don’t visit my Twitter page often I don’t mind showing an ad in my profile. At the moment I’m selling at 1$ per week and the worst thing that can happen is someon buying an ad and making me some money. There are argument that you will lost your followers if you start displaying ads , but I don’t think that will happen simply because not many view there Tweets through some software. It might have an impact in getting new followers though , because ads are something that scares away people. What do you think of the Twittad , do you think showing ads in your profile will lead to you loosing followers ? Feel free to share them in the comment section.


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    To my understanding if you use some a software like Twhirl you can send and view direct messages without going to the Twitter page. But I agree as Twitter evolves it might add more interactive application that might lead you to your Twitter page. Good luck in your future work.

    Checked out your post , looks like another good way to monetize twitter :)

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