3 Reasons You Need a Social Media Specialist

Do I need a social media specialist ? That’s a questions faced by many small to medium sized businesses. Most of the time social media is handled as part of marketing or in case of small businesses by the owner. This is understandable to an extent because of tight budgets and relatively low understanding of social media benefits. Hopefully these 3 reasons will convince you to hire a specialized social media manager.

1. Social Media Guidelines Change Constantly

In a constantly changing field like social media the rules also change often. What you can show in the header, how much text you can have in a header, what are the things you’re not allowed to do when running social media promotion are some of the few things your social media handler should know.

And don’t think you can get away with a warning after breaking the rules. Especially Facebook is very severe about their guidelines and some pages have been banned or blocked for violating rules.

Then there are the guidelines about cover photos and profile pictures. What are the image dimensions to use so you don’t get a blurred cover picture. What sizes to use for profile photos so they look good across all social networks. What are the image sizes to use in blog posts so a large picture is visible when sharing in social site. Similarly there are many other guidelines you have to follow in different social networks.

Same link without and with open graph

Same link without and with open graph tags enabled. Guess which one got the most clicks

Probably the most important reason you need a social media specialist.

2. You Need Have a Deep Understanding of Tools

Gone are the days where you can just log into Facebook and share your article. With a typical Facebook post not reaching even 10% of your fans it might not be the best place to send updates either ( Note :- If you didn’t knew this you definitely should consider a social media manager ).

There are multitude of tools and tricks you can use to increase the click through of your posts. Some of the basic things include adding open graph tags, adding hash tags, doing proper formatting for social media posts etc.

Then there are more advanced things like how to add a call to action button in Facebook to increase click through rates. To emphasize this lets take a look at how the same link could be shared in different ways. First up we have your IT guy doing the sharing.

Link shared on Facebook

This is how the link will look when your IT guy shares it

Now here’s how it will look if a social media specialist shared it.

A link shared on Facebook using the power editor which is ususally used by a social media specialist

How a link can look when a social media specialist shares it

A specialist will know how to add an attractive image, how to add a call to action button etc using the Facebook power editor.

All these little things add up to give you the edge over your competitors.

3. It’s Time Consuming Process

Most business owners assume social media is an easy task that takes very little time. But in reality it takes tremendous amount of time to build and nurture a fan base. Lets take a look at few things expected of a social media manager/specialist.

  • Constantly update all your social media profiles
  • Respond to customer questions/requests on your social media profiles
  • Create/find content to upload to your profiles
  • Constantly keep in touch with policy updates so you don’t break them.
  • Report on social activities and targets

That’s a lot of things to do and I’m sure some of you are not doing all of these as well. I have seeing plenty of pages that takes ages to respond to a customer request/query. At the very least a customer requires an answer or reply within 24 hours. If you can’t do that then you’re likely to loose that customer.

I hope I’ve given enough reasons to hire a social media specialist. With social networking sites becoming a customer referral source you can ill afford to ignore social media. So hire a specialist and do it right.




  1. Netgains says

    Hello Nishadha,

    In this competitive era everyone wants to stay ahead of their competition. Social media is the best option to stay connecting with community and making connections. If you have less knowledge of social media you should hire a social media manager in order to get better results.

    • says

      You’re dead right about the competition part. Most brands are doing it and everyone is looking to get their content in front of an audience. Hence the need for a social media specialist who knows his stuff and who can gain you that extra eyeballs.

  2. says

    I could not agree with your more. There are so many reasons you need a specialist when it comes to social media or just about anything really. Otherwise you only do the job half right and in twice the time.
    Great post

  3. Lonnie gen says

    Strategical approaches in social media helps alot in gaining momentum,After the google updates SEO seems to be harder,but through Social media potential users can be driven into business.Many thanks for a great post

  4. John says

    I think a social media specialist can understand target audience and execute proper social media activities for targeted audience.Also agree with your point that social media is not an easy task.

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