Grow Twitter Followers Automatically Using Software

In one of my previous posts I talked about How to grow Twitter followers. Although the techniques shown in that post works it requires you to put some effort into it and more importantly it consumes time to build up a sizable following. For people who are pressed for time and for people who are just plain lazy I will show how to grow Twitter followers automatically suing software. There are drawbacks to these methods but they are the easiest method for you to grow your followers. Some might consider these methods unethical and spammy, so its up to you to whether to use them or not , but one thing that I know for sure is that they work :).

Grow Twitter followers using a software like TweetAdder or SocialOomph

This is by far the easiest way to grow your Twitter following. What these software do is start following users of similar interest ( you specify interests through keywords ) automatically and after a specified time start unfollowing users who haven’t reciprocated your follow. This unfollow part is important because Twitter has placed limits on the number of people you can follow. One of the best software I came across is TweetAdder , which is perfect for new users because it has built in systems to prevent you from overdoing things. It has for more features especially when it comes to finding targeted users. It has the ability to search user profiles, search by geographical location etc as well. Although HummingBird is the best and most respected thing out there for some the prize tag is a bit too much. If you are someone who wants to tryout things before going for the real thing then SocialOomp might be the thing for you. This service is targeted more towards small business owners. This has support for Twitter and few more social services as well. Sort of like one place to get them all done. Its a free service that you can upgrade to professional. The great thing is once you join the free service you get full access to the professional service for 7 days. You will be asked to upgrade after 7 days and if you don’t it will revert to the free service so you want be charged anything. Try out SocialOomph for free.

Services You can try out

  • TweetAdder ( 55$ – 188$ for lifetime depending on the number of profiles )
  • SocialOomph ( 33$ per month / free trial )
Grow Twitter Followers

Grow Twitter Followers automatically using software

Automatically submitting tweets is another great way to grow Twitter followers

In my last post about how to grow your Twitter followers I mentioned the importance of updating your Twitter feed on a constant basis. Most people search for specific keywords in Twitter search to find relevant people to follow. So if you tweet a lot it will appear more on Twitter search and you have a bigger chance of getting Twitter followers. However it is not easy to keep doing this on a constant basis and that is where service like Twitter feed comes in handy. Its a free service that lets you specify a RSS feed and it checks the feed time to time ( you can specify how often to check ) and tweet the latest entries in that feed. So if you are interested in making money online you can set up a Google news alert for making money online and submit the RSS feed of that alert to Twitter Feed and it will automatically does the tweeting for you.

Above two methods are one of the easiest ways to automatically grow a targeted Twitter following. If you know of another good strategy feel free to share it in the comment section. In a future post I’ll show you how to get people to tweet and retweet your links for you :) . If you like this post you might want to follow me on Twitter :)


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