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        Hi Nishadha,I currently have verified sri lankan paypal acc.but after I create a indian paypal acc.should I remove my previous CC from my Sri Lankan paypal acc??

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        If you have connected one CC to one PayPal account you cant use it on another PayPal account. If you are planning to debit the money from your Indian account to the same CC then its best to remove it from the Sri Lankan PayPal account

      • says

        thanks but If I create a Indian paypal account then I cant verify it with my current SL CC??so that means I cant make online payments with my current CC using paypal??

      • says

        Nishadha, the point is currently I have 1 credit card.If I m planning to withdraw from my unverified paypal account,anyway I have to deposit to the same CC with my verified Its already registered with that means I ve to remove my CC in my verified paypal to withdraw money from my unverified paypal that means if I remove my current CC with my verified paypal,then I ve another unverified paypal account isnt it?

  1. says

    Hi I'm using an Indian account that it not verified but I can receive money without a problem. Not sure about the US account :( but it should be possible to receive money for unverified accounts as well but there are transaction limitations

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      My credit card address in a Sri Lankan one and the address given in my PayPal India one is an Indian address. But I had no problems withdrawing money to my card.

      • Dado says

        Wait, I didnt understand, your paypal country is India, but address of your paypal account and credit card are addressed to Sri Lanka?

      • says

        My PayPal country is India and I have added a dummy address , when
        withdrawing money to your card you don't need to provide the address. Hope
        this answers your query.

  2. armash says

    No there is another work around method to get cash from paypal to Sri Lankan banks first you register for an indian paypal account then after you received the amount of funds you want to withdraw to the bank get an account at and also sign up at
    Next go to your getafreelancer account go to my account and click manage funds and there will be a deposit option enter the amt you want to withdraw (plus a 2% fee) and click deposit then go to my moneybookers account and wire it to your bank it will ask you for bank acc num and SWIFT code and in 7 days the cash will be in your account there it is, you do not need a credit or debit card for this :)

  3. armash says

    Any time bro but i have a question about this statement
    “My credit card address in a Sri Lankan one and the address given in my PayPal India one is an Indian address. But I had no problems withdrawing money to my card.”

    Does this mean i can verify an indian paypal account with a Sri Lankan Credit card? if so that would be AWESOME!!! :)

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      I don't think you can verify an Indian account using a Sri Lanka credit card ( I haven't tried it ) , but you don't need to verify your account to withdraw money :) .

  4. armash says

    Alright thanks :( there is a sending limit of $500 in indian paypal accounts so i have to send it to getafreelancer to withdraw:( i cant withdraw to my card cause its a Sampath Webcard(prepaid credit card/debit card)

  5. Sahayer says

    hi there,
    it's me again with the Bahrain account.
    i have creted an Indian account and i received money for the FIRST TIME :) finally..

    anyway i am finding problems in withdrawing the money:
    1) i cant enter the credit card (i am thinking that may be it is because my credit card address is different than country)
    2) when request a check it will be sent to the address that is already registed (meaning to india)!!
    3) and cant withdraw to credit card bcoz of point #1

    please help!

    • says

      Hey, What is the error you are getting when you are adding the card ? I didn't have any problem adding the card and withdrawing the money although my cards address is a Sri Lankan one.

      • Sahayer says

        this is the msg that appears in paypal (billing address) when i want to add my card info to withdraw to credit card: ((Enter the address where you receive billing statements for this card. In order to confirm your bank card number, the billing address must be the one displayed on your statements))

        i mean i have received money, but i cant do anything with it now?!

  6. Armash says

    Ok i have a doubt what does withdrawing to card mean?? I have zero in my debit card and if i withdraw $50 via paypal to card will i get $50 balance in the debit card is this what you mean?

    • says

      Nope it will show as 45$ , because there a 5$ transaction fee. Unverified account has a withdraw limit of 500$ , so better to wait until you reach that level to withdraw or at least till it get accumulated to around 300-400$.

  7. says

    Awesome article :) I reside in Bahrain and for those that have posted regarding Bahrain and paypal – honestly I haven't yet found a work-around because in Sri Lanka I have tried with Commercial Bank Sri Lanka, and that doesn't work nor does it work with commercial bank's offshore banking unit in Singapore :(

    I have an alternative here, folks in Bahrain can receive money online via moneybookers.coom because 51% of the firm is owned by the bahrain-based Investcorp bank ;-) Money received via bank transfer is free while via Visa card, you will get charged 1.80Euros.

    Unfortunately, doesn't support Sri Lanka as a country yet, but if those folks based in Sri Lanka would like to take advantage of the moneybookers system they can open Bahrain-based bank accounts with HSBC Bahrain (feel free to dm me via twitter (@iange).

  8. anu84 says

    Hi Nishadha,this article is super awesome! thank you very much for sharing …. will check this right now..
    have u tested this before? plz reply …

  9. joshuaprince says

    i am a student and i am not having a Credit card , how can i receive and send mony to buy anything, please reply me..

    • says

      If you have a Indian account you can receive money and buy anything that is payable by PayPal. But if you want to withdraw money you need a credit card , you can try out getting the money to your bank account , although I haven't personally done it yet.

      • Aruna says

        I’m totally confusing what you are telling brother…actually I’m a newcomer for this ebay things. So could you please tell us the exact way of doing this. I mean how we can receiving money to our bank account, from A to Z. Sorry for the disturbing you

    • says

      and also, how u get arround with this ???
      “Billing Address
      Enter the address where you receive billing statements for this card. In order to confirm your bank card number, the billing address must be the one displayed on your statements.”

      There the address given is dummy Indian one , ya there is a option to add
      another address, but in that address given country is INDIA-we cnt change it.

      • says

        I don't think the country matters when giving the billing address as long as you get the other details right. It worked for me so I don't think you would have any problem.

  10. clockinz says

    Thanks a lot for the lead!
    I am in Cambodia, and listed like Sri Lanka.

    The problem is where can I find the legit Indian address to register?

  11. Jay says

    good thinking, however i dont think so it will be possible for longer as paypal can determine your ip address country wise, so you might end up your a/c blocked or terminated. i.e when you signup for a paypal account it takes you to the home page that the country you stay, anyway you can get a signed up a/c from india through a person who resides there, however when you start to operate from sri lanka paypal can determine it, thanx for sharing your ideas

  12. Buddika says

    Can we use debit cards like HNB debit visa card, Seylan Visa debit card etc. to withdraw money from this fake Indian Paypal account?

  13. ddhammika says

    Thanks for your post,
    I am also facing this problem. Without knowing I have listed some items on ebay.Now I cant receive payments.So I hope to create a fake indian paypal account.Can I link this new indian paypal account to my ebay account to receive money or may I have to create a new ebay account?
    Any comments please,

  14. BALD says


    what you are saying is true upto last month now u need to have a PAN number or otherwise u cant use paypal indian account

    i have been doing this for about one year now. i cant do it any longer because of the PAN account problem

  15. Malar says

    I'm new to this internet jobs and money transactions. I just want to know the present situation of Paypal. Can we withdraw money to our credit card with an Indian adress. plss help me. Can I use a HSBC credit card.

  16. Lalith says

    Dear Nishadha your post about Paypal workaround is very itresting and informetive. I have a small question to ask from you.

    Can I open a Indian paypal accont while Im in Sri Lanak or have I got to get someone from India to open it for me? My credit card is a sri lankan one.



  17. pradeep says

    i did your method. i made paypal accounts united arab emirates.i withdraw $100 to my credit card .but it i can’t got it.because paypal limited my accounts.they says they needed my photo. billing, identity card etc…….. please just reply me

  18. luminouspc says

    I am doing online business. Why I have not met these questions… ?
    Or I got My own solutions…
    But I will try to with withdrawal some funds… Is this really difficult .?

  19. udara says

    i have indian paypal account, they told me “You cant pay for good or service from paypal balance, you can only withdraw money to bank. I cant find option like you have told withdraw to Card please help me to correct it thanks.

  20. andyro says

    Moneybookers and Alert Pay work well in Sri lanka. I’ve been working as an online article writer for two years now, I withdraw using these two payment options every month. My money is wired to Sampath Bank. In fact I’ve even given up my full time job, and work from home.

  21. Lolita says

    Hi Nishantha, great post.

    After opening and Indian Paypal a/c to withdraw what is the type of the card you use ie is it a debit card, credit card or any other type of a card.
    Secondly, do I have to physically create the a/c in India.


    • says

      Hi Lolita,
      Indian account is not an option because now you need some Indian specific number to create an Indian account and withdraw money via them. Try Malaysian.

  22. says

    You can use an US address.I know the way.You need a AMEX credit card and register in globaleshop,there you will receive an US address.You can use it.!!

    • says

      I don’t think so. When you create an account for a certain country you’re bound by the rules applied in that country. I think one thing you can do is check whether it is against Paypal policies.

  23. sandun says

    Hi nishadha,

    I made a paypal account by selecting the country as malaysia. And I receive some money to my account also. I have verified my account with my debit card also. What I need to know is what are the risks of getting my account limited. Is buying/selling on ebay with paypal is a risk? How to avoid limitation because so many telling that their accounts were limited (made by this method) after some time. Please let me know what you know about this matter.Thank you

    • says

      Hi Sandun,
      There is always a risk with using this method because you’ll never know when PayPal will introduce a regulation to make it specific for that country. For example for Indian accounts they introduced the mandatory INR number and for Brazilian accounts they introduced a social security number. So it is never risk free but you don’t have much choice either.

  24. Menaka says

    Hi Nishadya,

    Thank you very much for all your initial feedback and I was searching withdrawing methods by paypals by weeks now and this was the best article ever I got to finalize all of my probs. There was not even a single article by government side for sake of thousand of people concern about paypal. So appreciate your effort.

    At the end, all I want to know is I plan to withdraw money for debit card of either HNB or Commercial ( As unverified). Once I withdraw, how I communicate with the bank whether they receive the money. Is there any system generated mail as a proof. Appreciate your feedback in this regard.

    • says

      Hi Menaka,
      The best options is to crehte an online account ( most cards allows you to do this ) so you can instantly check whether you received the money or not. Thanks for the nice comment too, glad you enjoyed it.

    • sandun says

      Yes you can. I have withdraw from my Malaysian premeire paypal account more than 100 $ without getting limited. I recommend you to verify your paypal before withdrawing money otherwise your account will be limited. Its easy to verify your paypal just add your debit or credit card to the paypal then call the banks card centre and ask for the paypal code. Then enter it in your paypal. After that withdraw money to your card. Funds will be available in 5 days. Never ever call the bank and ask if the funds are available. Funds will defenitely come to your account ib 5-7 days. I have withdraw two times from my malaysian paypal. And I recommend you not to use your paypal for any online purchases and dont withdraw more than 500$ at once. I have 1 year experience as an ebay seller and a paypal user. All the best

    • sandun says

      Yes you can. I have withdraw from my Malaysian premeire paypal account more than 100$ to my commercial visa debit card twice without any problems so far. But i didnt use paypal for ebay or online purchases, and didnt withdraw more than 500$ a day. I think its the key to keep the paypal without getting limited. If you use your foreign paypal for online purchases the sellers will report you because your shipping address is wrong. And then paypal will limit your account.

  25. says

    I have more than $500 in fiverr and more than $300 in Udemy. I wanna try the legit way. So awaiting till it becomes available. But seems it’s keep on dragging forever. Sigh!

    • says

      I also have around $1000 in different accounts and like you I’m also waiting for a legit way to do this. Although there is lots of talk about enabling PayPal for over a year now nothing seems to be happening.

  26. says

    I made a PayPal Malaysia account. It’s awesome! I have a lot of friends in Malaysia so, if this “Withdraw funds to your card” system didn’t work, I can transfer my money to one of my best friends bank AC. Thanks a lot bro! You are the man! :) :) :)

  27. akshay says

    hello guys

    i live in india
    in india any money received in paypal gets autowithdrawn to bank
    so i cannot spend the money i receive in paypal

    for solving this i have opened a sri lankan account
    verified with vcc.
    can i keep money in this account
    will everything will be ok ?
    if possible reply on
    i am copying this url and will check for answer in 2-3 days

  28. matthias says

    Hi Nishada,
    I’m a Nigerian, if I open a foreign paypal account, how can I get the money? Since I’m not in the country. And won’t paypal notice, since I’m not browsing with the foreign country’s ip address

    • says

      Hi Matthias,
      Are you talking about receiving money to your PayPal account or withdrawing money from PayPal. You can withdraw to your debit card in some Paypal accounts.

  29. Gihan says

    Hi Nishadha,
    I have a Malaysian paypal account,The account is not verified, I can receive payment to the account. But I cannot start a ebay seller account using this paypal. I need a verified account, Is it possible to verify my account using a Sampath debit card or is there any other way.

    Thank you.

  30. Chanuka says

    i just wanted to clear this. Why there is Only Send Option account, i mean what’s the point.
    How do we send funds without receiving money to our Paypal account ?

    Thanks for your article

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