Using PayPal in Sri Lanka and Alternatives to PayPal

When it comes to doing online transactions PayPal is one of the most recognized services but unfortunately PayPal Sri Lanka is send only. That means you can create a account , transfer money to your account using a credit card and pay for different services and goods via PayPal. If you are buying stuff online its is always advisable to pay via PayPal because that way you don’t have to give out your credit card numbers etc. Most online merchants facilitate PayPal payments so it always good to have a account with them. Its free to create and you can be more secure online that way. If you are merchant looking to sell online then giving your customers the opportunity to pay by PayPal increases your credibility and ultimately increases your sales. There are many people who shy away from buying online because they have to give out there credit card details. So why wait , Create a PayPal merchant account .

This is all very good if you want to pay online , but what if you want to receive funds via PayPal , since PayPal Sri Lanka is send only you can’t receive money to your account , so its a bit tough for people doing free lance work etc. But fortunately there is a work around for this , check out how to receive money for PayPal send only accounts. I have personally gotten money this way so I know it works. You are limited to a transaction amount of 500$ because its unverified but its more than enough for some freelance payments.

If this is not enough for you then you can consider some alternatives to PayPal. MoneyBookers and AlertPay are two of the growing online payment services around so they might offer what you are looking for. For more alternative options you can check out other solutions to PayPal send only.

Payza ( Formerly AlertPay )

I created a AlertPay account because it was the only option I had if wanted the money I generated by subvert and profit. Good thing about them is they support Sri Lanka and they have few modes of depositing and withdrawing money. Debiting it to your credit card is the easiest way but there are facilities for bank wires etc for some extra charge.Create a FREE account with Payza. Note – CC withdrawals only for VISA and MasterCard

Skrill ( Formerly MoneyBookers )

Another service that supports sending money to Sri Lanka and it was recommended by few people so it has one hard to find thing about payment services , happy customers. It’s very easy to connect your bank account and credit cards with Skrill so definitely a good choice for someone who doesn’t want to be hassled with technicalities. So why wait, go ahead and create a Skrill account now >>>

I hope this article will help you and I added a note under both payment options to indicate what type of credit cards you can use with these services. That is because people are normally lazy to read through the FAQ and just leave a comment asking what sort of cards can be used etc. Hopefully I want get the same comments in this article


  1. tours in india says

    I’m thinking of launching my e-store soon. If i use paypal and ask my brother to open a bank account in US and enter these details to Paypal, Then i can withdraw any money thru him, right? is this a viable workaround for those sri lankans who have a trustworthy person in USA? Thanks!

    • says

      Yes this is a viable workaround and opens up a lot more withdrawing options , one downside I can think of is that you might be taxed heavily for your transactions since tax laws are kind of strict in US

  2. zacker says

    Hi. Thanks for such an informative and much needed article. I just want to know this:- Will I face any problems by creating an account in PayPal India and adding my SL Credit Card to it? Will I face any legal issues and additional charges when transferring money? Thanks in advance.

  3. Chami says

    Thanks for the information. I'm hoping to sell some product online. so i need some kind of way to receive payments. So i'm hoping to use Alertpay. but since it's not that popular, will it be a good idea to use it? Is it trustworthy??

    • says

      I have used AlertPay to receive money and I haven't had any problems up to now. If you are targeting the Sri Lankan market I suggest enabling credit card payments since that's what most Sri Lankans are use do.

  4. ramzadeen says

    Thanks for your valuable stimulus infos. your information really stimulated me to introduce my self to the IT world and to earn some bugs from it, but my problem is I don't have a proper bank account to own a credit card, you know its a rich-man's world.

    I am a Gulf returnee empty hand. I got my natural resources to develop but capital.To start earning online I need a source to receive my money by pay pal or others.
    How could I do it?



  5. LankaKolla says

    Is it a must to have a credit card to pay through paypal, can’t you use a sampath web card instead? or a debit card?

    When i tried to enter my NDB bank international debit card to paypal, it says that the card is not valid.

    How can i work around with this?

  6. Saman says

    Any Political Party comes to power doesn’t care about this issue, but they talk about the growth in IT, BullShit! Many be politicians are not aware of this but noboddy is here to tell them.

  7. Aseni says

    Skrill (before moneybookers) is a great alternative. It has become quite big in the past years and, I think, now makes good alternative to paypal. Using is very easy and all conditions are pretty straight-forward. There also are options as 2checkout and paysera available for accepting credit cards, however only USD-wire withdrawals are available using these options.

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