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I have being writing about how to make money online in Sri Lanka for quite a while now and my preferred method has being creating niche websites and adding affiliate links and adding Adsense in those blogs. But everyone doesn’t like blogging, even I don’t like the necessary but tedious tasks like upgrading software, managing hosting etc. In this article I will take a look at few other online jobs in Sri Lanka which is much more attractive to normal internet surfers. Although I’m listing down few more online jobs I still believe that if you are looking to generate a long term passive income online then blogging and affiliate marketing is the best option. Internet is a place of countless opportunities and although opportunities for Sri Lankans are limited because of reasons like limited Internet crowd, Paypal send only there are still quite a few Internet jobs for Sri Lankans.

Doing Freelance work

A very attractive option especially for university students. When it comes to freelance work in Sri Lanka it is mostly about designing websites. But if you are good at other programming languages then there are lots of opportunities available for you via the Internet. Check out my article about freelance work in Sri Lanka and where to find freelance jobs to learn about websites that offer freelance work outside Sri Lanka. Make sure you follow the steps about creating a good profile with proper descriptions etc before bidding for optimum chance of getting jobs.

Data Entry work

For people who don’t have the programming skills and designing skills but who have some free time to earn some money then data entry work might be a good choice for you. Keep in mind though that just because you have a Internet connection and some free time you cant do data entry jobs. You have to have some basic English knowledge, satisfactory typing speed and the ability to deliver on time. Most data entry work advertise themselves claiming you can do your work at your leisure but this is not always the case, once you accept a job you have to deliver withing a certain time period. Check out my article about Data entry work and where to find free data entry jobs in Sri Lanka.

FOREX trading

One of the most profitable methods to make money online but can lead to significant financial losses if done without proper knowledge and experience. This isn’t somethings you can learn in a day and start doing straightaway. More than the computer knowledge what you need here is sound understanding of how the currency markets and financial markets work. If you are willing to invest some time to learn the methods this could be a great income source for you. If you are still interested then check out FOREX trading in Sri Lanka.

Article writing

Article writing is pretty similar to blogging but the key difference here is you don’t have to worry about the tedious tasks of upgrading software, managing hosting, designing layout etc. There are sites out there that offer you all the tools you need to write articles. With those tools it is very easy to add links, images and videos to your articles and by maneuvering the blocks you can format the article so it will look much more pleasing to the eye. In each of those articles Adsense,Infolink and various other affiliate links are shown and you get a share of the earning for writing those articles. For example a website like Hubpages shares 60% of there ad views with you so you can make some decent money through them.Join Hubpages for free.

Another website that I use is Squidoo, they are a bit picky about what you write but if you are writing good relevant articles that are full of useful information then you want have a problem with them. The great thing about these article sites is because of there internal linking you get a boost for ranking in search engines which in turns bring your more traffic and more money. Join Squidoo for free.


Along with article writing my best source of income. It is not easy to start a blog write content and build it up to a profitable blog but once you achieve that it is a great source of passive income. You need to learn a bit about search engine optimization, managing hosting etc for you to be successful using this method. If you are looking for some quick money then this is not the thing for you. Although I make well over 200$ per month now during my first month way back in 2007 I made less than 3$ from Adsense. If you are pursuing blogging then you need to be passionate about your blog as well and if you start it only for the money then I doubt you will make much from it.

Affiliate Marketing

Another very profitable way to make money online. In very basic terms affiliate marketing is selling someone else product and making a commission from it. Pretty similar to marketing with the only difference being everything is done online. You do need a way to get traffic to your affiliate link and having a blog helps a lot in that regards. Otherwise you can choose alternate methods like paying for advertising similar to Google Adwords. There are few affiliate programs specially for Sri Lankans where you have a higher chance of succeeding. E-Soft Affiliate network is one such opportunity. Read this post to learn more about affiliate opportunities specially for Sri Lankans.

PTC and PTR sites

This is popular among Sri Lankans but unless you have lots of referrals then you want be earning much. Usually you get about 0.01$ per click so for you to make at least 1$ you need to click 100 ads or read 100 e-mails. Of course if you can sign up few more people under you then you can make some money but I wouldn’t recommend using this method unless you can sign up few more people under you. The only program I use is Hits4Pay and it is free to join. Join Hits4Pay for free.

Filling surveys

After three years of doing various things to make money online I still haven’t found a survey company that actually have surveys for Sri Lankans. Most of these sites require you to pay some money to join and even the free ones are mostly scams that are notorious for not paying up. I would stay well away from survey sites.

Listed above are some free online jobs and Internet jobs that you can do to make money online. Visit the given links if you want to learn more about each opportunity and to find out websites which you can join for free and some more free resources.

PS – Please don’t leave your mobile phone no or e-mail address in the comments section asking me to find a data entry or similar job for you. If you cant follow this simple instruction then you have very little chance of making money online anyway :-) .


  1. says

    Is filling of surveys for real? Among these online work, I haven’t really tried to work with surveys because many of them are just scam or you’ll earn in bulk only if you referred them to other people. All depends on how lucky you are to people and not because of your natural skills and hardwork.

  2. Heshani says

    I want know a good web site can earn money from internet.But it have to be 100% free membership.Please let me know a website like that.

    Thanks and Best regards

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