About Nishadha

Hi, I’m Nishadha Lakpriya Silva, Software engineer, part time blogger, affiliate marketer and the eldest son of a family of 5. Since this blog covers mostly things related to making money online I think the below paragraph suits this page.

first thing I did to make money online was reading commercial e-mails . I used to join many paid to read sites and start earning money. And I used to be very happy when I earned around 50 cents a day. Then I started experimenting with blogging. I added Adsense and in the first month I made 3$ . I almost gave up blogging and making money online because I did put some effort to maintain this blog. Glad I didn’t because, this blog is generating close to 500$ a month now from affiliate sales , Adsense , reviews etc. Then I was introduced to Forex trading, and in a good week and when I’m lucky I sometimes make 300$ a week from FOREX trading. So now I’m making an effort to learn more about FOREX trading and affiliate marketing. Although it took a while, now I have a fairly good idea on where to put the effort.

Thank you for visiting the blog and hope you will come back again. In case you didn’t come back again, read the above paragraph and understand that making money online is not about how much effort you made , but its about where you made the effort.

I use few methods to make money , FOREX trading , blogging and affiliate marketing. If you are looking to make money online I suggest you read the following two posts first.
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