Squidoo Lens Locked ? Here’s What You Can Do to Fix It

If you’re reading this you’ve probably got the dreaded “Squidoo Lens Locked” email. If you’ve tried to edit the lens you might have noticed that there really isn’t any guideline, just a reference to the Squidoo policies and why you should abide them. At least HubPages gives you specifics on why you’re hub was unpublished. I guess Squidoo just can’t bother with those niceties. So what are your options? Well you have a few. [Read more…]

Why I Stopped Caring About Squidoo and Why You Should Too

I first heard about Squidoo when doing the Thirty Day Challenge, a marketing course that teach you to make money online. It was recommended as a good source to get back links so I went there and started creating articles. And once I start spending time there I began to love the site. The interaction with others, getting purple stars, getting blessed by angels were all very exciting. But it all changed when they started banning lenses left and right without giving a proper reason.

I had an awesome lens about increasing Twitter followers which even ranked as the first result for the keyword “increase Twitter followers”. It was a well researched article covering most of the things you can do to increase followers. And all of a sudden is was unpublished mentioning that it has low quality links. [Read more…]

My New Year Resolution: 25 Awesome Blog Posts

Last year my first blog post was about how I’m going to publish 100 blog posts and take this blog to the next level. A quick look at the archives will show that I only managed a measly 12. The thing is I often write long detailed blog posts which take a lot of time. So this year my new year resolution is 25 awesome blog posts.

This year the start is also good. My article about 70+ websites to submit your start-up got quite a lot of attention. Although I know people will find it useful I didn’t hope for such a high response. Getting a private mail thanking me for the list was awesome. It’s moments like that which makes blogging such a wonderful things. [Read more…]

Guest Posts Published in Other Awesome Blogs

My recent post about how to attract guest bloggers got some really good feedback. I’m hoping to follow that up with another post about how to approach other bloggers to get your post published in their blogs. I have published my guest posts in over 100 blogs so I know¬† a thing or two about how to reach other bloggers.

When reaching to other blogger it always helps to showcase some of your previous work. You can send a bunch of links, but it’s much better to create a blog post similar to this. It helps in branding and you can use it as a sort of portfolio of your work. So below are some of the best guest posts I have published on other reputed blogs. [Read more…]

Add 100 Blog Posts !! My New Year Resolution

This blog used to be my baby. There were some months where I daily updated this blog. But lately I wasn’t paying much attention to this one. It’s not that I stopped writing, I usually manage at least one article per day across all my other blogs. The reality is targeted niche blogs bring better ROI in a short frame of time. [Read more…]