Why You Should Let Experts Handle Your SEO

There are hundreds of website owners who have a negative image about SEO because of underhand tactics used by people claiming to be SEO companies. I manage quite a few blogs and everyday I get unsolicited mail asking whether I want SEO services. These mails keep coming because they work with some people. Some gullible website owner might order one of their SEO packages and that makes all that spam emails worth it. [Read more...]

Creating New Traffic Sources from Existing Content

Before continuing with the article you need to understand one important thing. People consume information in different ways. Whatever you’re looking for you can pretty much get the same information by reading a blog post, watching a video, going through a slide show, reading a PDF, listening to a podcast and so many other methods. So how do your create new traffic sources from existing content? By reformatting your existing blog posts and presenting them as slideshows, videos and PDF’s. So here’s a list of formats and places to submit them. [Read more...]

My New Year Resolution: 25 Awesome Blog Posts

Last year my first blog post was about how I’m going to publish 100 blog posts and take this blog to the next level. A quick look at the archives will show that I only managed a measly 12. The thing is I often write long detailed blog posts which take a lot of time. So this year my new year resolution is 25 awesome blog posts.

This year the start is also good. My article about 70+ websites to submit your start-up got quite a lot of attention. Although I know people will find it useful I didn’t hope for such a high response. Getting a private mail thanking me for the list was awesome. It’s moments like that which makes blogging such a wonderful things. [Read more...]

80+ Websites to Submit Your Startup for Massive Exposure

Where do I submit my startup? That’s a question every entrepreneur asks himself when he’s about to launch his product or service. TechCrunch, Mashable come to mind, but they get hundreds of emails everyday and there’s so much they can cover.

Since I’m heavily involved in startup marketing I’m always on the lookout for websites to submit startups. Over the years I’ve stumbled upon quite a few and regularly look for new opportunities. If you’re looking to submit your startup then this list is like a goldmine.

I’ll try to keep it update broken links are checked via a plugin but if you come across a broken links please be kind enough to contact me and let me know. [Read more...]

How Rebranding Can Transform Perceptions on the High Street

Upon separating from TSB, Lloyds Bank is taking the opportunity to mark its return to the high street with an extensive rebranding campaign. The rebranding campaign relies heavily on the power of the advertising campaign to shape perceptions and form expectations of what this new banking entity will stand for and deliver to consumers.

The rebranding of any business will always come as a surprise to consumers, with the new brand experiencing inevitable teething problems from the outset. The division of Lloyds Bank and TSB has already resulted in various technical glitches, with customers losing their local branches, thus having to travel further to access their money. [Read more...]