Are You Wasting CommentLuv Links Because of FeedBurner

Did you know that that your hard built CommentLuv links are pointing to Google instead of your blog posts ? Well if you’re not careful with your Feedburner settings then that is exactly what can happen. The sad thing is that that some don’t even realize that they are pointing their hard earned links to Google. Keep reading to find our if you’r making this mistake and how to rectify it. [Read more…]

FriendFeed Subsribers Counted as Feedburner RSS Subscribers

Checked out the my RSS subscriber count today and there was a huge jump in numbers , Although this made me happy :) I was a bit surprized since there wasn’t a huge surge in traffic to suggest such a thing. So I analyzed the subsriber data a bit thoroughly and found out that your FriendFeed subscribers now count towards your blogs RSS subscribers. Although the increase in numbers may give you more social credibility and make you feel good this is a very misleading statistic.

If you are not familiar with FriendFeed its a service that aggregates all your social media activities to one place. Your tweets , stumbles , diggs and blog posts all appear in your FriendFeed time line. Check out my FriendFeed timeline to get an idea of what FriendFeed does. Feel free to subscribe while you are in there :) .

Additionally you can follow people and see all their social media activity as well. If you’re looking to get noticed by someones then following them on Friendfeed will help you with that task.

Since all my social media activities are displayed in FriendFeed someone might subscribe to my feed because they like my stumbles or tweets. So a FriendFeed subscriber doesn’t mean he really likes my blog posts or he is subscribed to my blog. So very clearly this is a very misleading statistic.

However in blogging and especially in making money online number do count and gives you credibility. People are more likely to subscribe to your blog if you have thousand subscribers compared to hundred subscribers. So I see no harm Feedburner counting Friendfeed subscribers as blog subscribers. Just make sure to consider that when you’re boasting about your subscriber numbers.

The popularity of services like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have diminished the effectiveness of RSS feeds. People prefer to get their updates via social channels over RSS. Hence my focus on increasing Twitter followers and Google+ followers. It is becoming an increasingly marginalized metric but don’t count it out just yet.