How to Attract Guest Bloggers and Turn Them Into Regular Contributors

What’s in it for them? Why should they come and contribute to your blog when there are thousands more similar blogs out there in the blog sphere. If you want to attract guest bloggers these are the question you must answer.

I’ve lost count of the number of guest posts I have written for various blogs. Even now I have more than 50 blogs in my bookmarks where I have contributor access. I manage quite a few blogs as well so I’m perfectly positioned to talk about attracting guest posters from both viewpoints. [Read more…]

Fight Plagiarism while Building Back Links

Blog content theft is one of the biggest problems faced by bloggers and although there are many steps you can take to fight plagiarism it is still a nuisance. If you are a blogger yourself then you know how much time and effort is put to come up with a blog post. So it is no wonder that it pisses you off when someone publishes your content as there own. But the sad reality is that there will always be scrappers out there who will copy your content especially if you write good stuff.

Serious blogger community is a linked in group where blogger are getting together to fight plagiarism. It has some really good discussions like how to find plagiarism , how to handle plagiarism , how to inform WordPress about plagiarized content etc. LinkedIn groups are normally very responsive and since they are relatively small it is a good place to make connections as well. I suggest you join the group and check out the discussions. And if you are in LinkedIn don’t forget to connect with me :)

One thing about content thieves is they are generally lazy people , otherwise they would be writing blog posts instead of copying them. What most of them do is feed your RSS feed to some software which automatically does the posting for them. They hardly check or modify the content and you can use that laziness to your advantage. Whenever you write a new post always try to link to your previous posts within the post. That way you will be automatically building back links with your choice of anchor text. In a while you will realize what kind of content gets copied the most. For me its mostly when I write about Adsense. So now when I write blog posts about Adsense I make sure to link to at least two of my previous posts about Adsense. Not only back links this will increase your referral traffic as well.

Other than that you can use RSS signatures as well. What this does is basically add a copyright notice at the RSS feed. So it someone is using a RSS bot to copy your content then the copyright will also be added at the end. Make sure to add a link to your copyright notice so you’ll earn a back link as well. If you’re using WordPress there are plugins to do this, I personally use the RSS signature option available with WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Another great way to build up your back links and improve your readership is guest blogging and the above mentioned LinkedIn group has a sub group for guest bloggers. Its pretty similar to bloggerLinkUp which I blogged a while back. You can ask for guest post or offer guest posts. If you are looking to build back links then this is a good place to start looking. I hope you join the group and help fight plagiarism :)

BloggerLinkUp – Connecting bloggers

Having a hard time writing posts for your blog ? Want to get some back links doing some guest posting ? BloggerLinkUp is a great free service where you can find guest posters who are willing to write for your blog and if you are doing guest posts yourself then it is a great place to find blogs that accept guest posts. I think any blogger would agree that guest posting is one of the best ways to build your brand while getting back links and referral traffic.

Problem is finding blogs that allow guest posts and even though they do allow guest posts you need to build up a relationship with the blogger so you have a good chance of getting accepted as a guest poster. Well BloggerLinkUp gets rid of all those hassles and points you straight to bloggers who are in need of guest posts and who accept guest posts. Now accepting guest posts doesn’t mean you can write some crappy post and they will publish it , but the advantage is you can ignore the getting to know the blogger and building relationship part.

The service is also helpful for bloggers and businesses who wants content for there blogs but just don’t have the time to write the posts. You can easily find guest posters who are willing to write for your blog and having a decent page rank sure does increase your chances of finding guest posters :) . The great thing about the service is you don’t have to register to offer guest posts and ask for guest posts. There are separate links to do that and you can find them in the side bar in the website. The only reason you have to register is to get the e-mail which is a summary of the guest posts available and guest posts being offered. I have already started using the service and already published a guest post and seeing some good results from the guest posts. If you are looking for content or looking to do guest posts now you know where to go :)