You Want Rankings or You Want Paying Customers ?

I often get emails asking for SEO quotations. In general they fall into two types. The first type is people asking for SEO packages which are made famous by SEO companies. The second type are the ones who send a set of keywords asking for first page rankings. In this post I’m going to focus on the second type.

When someone sends me a keyword list 99% of the time they are highly competitive keywords. It usually takes few months to rank for competitive keywords and take an equal amount of effort to maintain those rankings. [Read more...]

Why You Should Let Experts Handle Your SEO

There are hundreds of website owners who have a negative image about SEO because of underhand tactics used by people claiming to be SEO companies. I manage quite a few blogs and everyday I get unsolicited mail asking whether I want SEO services. These mails keep coming because they work with some people. Some gullible website owner might order one of their SEO packages and that makes all that spam emails worth it. [Read more...]

SEO for Blogspot Blogs Sucks: Here’s Some Killer Tips to Fix Them

If you’re reading this you probably have a Blogspot blog and that my friend puts you at a serious disadvantage compared to other bloggers. Why? because onsite SEO for Blogspot blogs sucks. But the good news is few simple tweaks can dramatically improve the situation.

I’m going to start with some very easy fixes and work my way towards some advance stuff. Advance stuff requires some code modifications so the very first thing you should do is backup your template. As a former software engineer I assure you, you’ll be much more comfortable at changing code when you know you have a backup. [Read more...]

Are You Wasting CommentLuv Links Because of FeedBurner

Did you know that that your hard built CommentLuv links are pointing to Google instead of your blog posts ? Well if you’re not careful with your Feedburner settings then that is exactly what can happen. The sad thing is that that some don’t even realize that they are pointing their hard earned links to Google. Keep reading to find our if you’r making this mistake and how to rectify it. [Read more...]

Future Proof your SEO

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the seemingly endless amount of Google updates – going by the code names Panda and Penguin – have meant that many websites across the world have suffered in search. But if you follow some simple steps it’s not hard to future proof your SEO efforts.

From duplicate content and spammy links, to directory submissions and over optimized keywords, it seems that Google is on a mission to provide its users with the best content on the best sites. As a new start-up business looking to be higher in search, you may be wondering where on earth you start! [Read more...]